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Please note: this review is for the 2014 season rather than the current season.

Terror on Rural Street

by Captn_DeathSchlager (Newbie Review Crew Member) after attending on Saturday, October 4, 2014 at about 8 p.m.

Fun Factor: High Fear Factor: Very High


Fourteen years of creative, creepy and chilling concepts and counting for Terror on Rural Street. A techno haunt goer's dream come true, there has never been a year when I have been disappointed with the electrifying showcase of terrifying themes found at the Terror on Rural Street. This year was certainly no exception. A few of my favorite rooms this year were the eerie eye doctor, the slithering snake room, the horrifying Hall of Pictures, the apparitional hall of bones and the hair-raising Heart Surgeon that will assuredly make your heart skip a beat.

Terror on Rural Street features several Cinema quality sets, many of which are pimped out with a dedicated sound system and special effects you won't find any place else. Portions of this haunt are an interactive style haunt with rooms showcasing a unique theme and a skit performed by volunteer actors. While the actors may be volunteers the costumes and make-up were professionally done and very realistic. This was most evident during my encounter with the bizarre and somewhat eerie eye doctor. While it’s very easy to get distracted by the very engaging doctor be sure to take note of the a keen attention to detail the facial make-up his counterpart showcases.

Admittedly not all of the acting performances knocked my socks off nor did every room send me off screaming to the next. But what Terror on Rural Street lacked with its actors and potential scare factor it more than made up for with its dazzling special effects and elaborate sets. Scares and surprises frequently came from unexpected flashes of brilliant light, dedicated room specific sound systems and a variety of lifelike techno effects.

Here are some interesting tidbits for those of you who are particularly interested in the quality of your haunted experience or may just be wondering "how did they do that?"
* Each room and hallway is under constant surveillance by staff members with a very keen attention to detail. These staff members remain in contact with the ghouls and monsters lurking in the shadows and rooms around the haunt to ensure they are always perfectly positioned and timed to scare the bajeezus out of you and your fellow haunt goers.
* A staff of Professional theatrical make-up artists with over 25 years of experience volunteer their time at Terror on Rural Street.
* Terror on Rural Street is a not for profit organization. Proceeds from this event go to support Hartford Community Service Inc. Scholarships, Community Projects, and area Non Profit Organizations
* Curious about how this haunt can churn out so many new sets each year? A workshop full of additional sets and props found directly behind this haunt is used to construct new sets year around.

Signage / Visibility / Location

Don't let a full parking lot scare you away before this haunt does! Terror on Rural Street shares it's parking lot with the Schauer Art Center and the Wisconsin Automotive Museum. Not all the cars parked in the lots may necessarily be for Terror on Rural Street.

This haunt can be found right off the main drag (Hwy 60) in downtown Hartford. Look for the flashing sign to point you to the parking lot. Great location. An abundance of well lit parking and a warm place to hang out while you wait. The court yard between the waiting area and the entrance really set the tone nicely.

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

A heated indoor waiting area with a concession stand that features beer and mixed drinks. If you're of drinking age be sure to try the syringe style jello-shots! By the way...all proceeds from the concession stand benefit the Schauer Arts Center which is located just next door.

Actors' Performance

We had a lot of fun interacting with the performers in many of the sets. Most notable were the performers of the eye doctor and the heart surgeon. Elaborate costumes and finely detailed make-up really enhanced appearance of all performances.

Sets Scenes / Props / FX

A nice variety of sets and some superb special effects. For those of you who traditionally checkout a few different haunts every year you'll appreciate the creative concepts and elaborate sets that have the look feel of a genuine movie caliber set. Compared to other haunts, the rooms here were quite spacious...a nice perk for those who don't particularly enjoy being squeezed into a room when your grouped with complete strangers.


My tour lasted 15 minutes which included getting lost in the maze.

Crowd Control

Waiting room with concession stand is fairly spacious. Plenty of room in the court yard to wait also. Patrons are free to roam about until the Reaper calls their number to be assembled for final preparations before entering the haunt.

Most Memorable Moment

Several to choose from for me...I particularly enjoyed exploring the multi-level sets and the open heart surgery observation deck.


A fantastic venue along with a nice variety of sets, creative ideas and exceptional special effects make Terror on Rural Street a haunt definitely worth checking out!

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