Frequently Asked Questions

Which haunted house is the scariest?

We get this question all...the...time. Everyone has a different scare factor limit. What's scary to us may not be scary to you and vice versa. A haunt may be too scary for one 18 year old to handle, but a 13 year old may go through and not think it's scary at all. Plus there are a ton of factors that can change the tone of the haunt including the actors, the group you go through with, weather conditions, the time of day and the time of month.

The best way to find a haunted attraction that may be scary for you is to read the event descriptions, check what ages it's appropriate for, and read Review Crew and visitor reviews. Also read our Haunted Attraction Visitor Tips & Tricks for ways to help improve your experience.

Where's the haunted house with 6 floors, 13 floors, etc., where you can get your money back?

This haunt is an urban legend and does NOT exist. Click on the following links to learn more.
Urban Legends - Chimera House
Chicago Refund Hoax

Where's your haunted house?

While we absolutely LOVE Halloween we're content with just visiting haunted attractions. Plus we enjoy making it easier for everyone to find Halloween events in Wisconsin.

Is this your full-time job?

We wish it was! We have full-time jobs and work on Haunted Wisconsin in our spare time.

When will trick-or-treat be held in the city/town/village of ________?

All of the trick-or-treat dates and times that we know of are listed on the Trick-or-Treat page. Your local city, town or village clerk may be able to give you the date and time, or when it will be decided on. Please send us the information if you find out!

Why hasn't my review been added to the site?

If your review isn't showing up, it may have received a high number of 'not helpful' votes and is located under the 'All' tab. If it is not there, then your review may have been reported and removed due to content.

If you feel your review was unfairly removed, send us an email with your username along with the event you reviewed and we'll look into it.

How do I make changes to my event or pumpkin patch listing?

Login, click on My Account then click on your event under My Event Listings or your pumpkin patch under My Pumpkin Patches. Edit your listing and click on Preview / Save Changes.

Note: Event changes will be reviewed within 48 hours.

Don't see your event listed on your My Account page? Send us the following information:

July 24th, 2024 10:45 a.m. CDT 24.08