Haunted Establishments

Listed below are alleged haunted establishments and are open to the public. If you know of any haunted establishments that are open to the public, please send us the information, and we'll list them here.

Bodega Brew Pub

122 S 4th St., La Crosse

Unexplained noises, appearances, and cold spots have been reported over the years. Some believe the former original owner haunts the pub.

Chances Restaurant

205 W Main St., Rochester

It's said if you're lucky, you might see the lady in the green ball gown waiting for her Civil War soldier to return, or the lady in the blue dress, or even the soldier himself sitting at the bar.

Old Baraboo Inn "Baraboo's Haunted Pub"

135 Walnut St., Baraboo

Currently a Saloon Bar offering a variety of events. Historical Landmark built in 1864. In the Wisconsin Architectural and Historical records. Known as a "hot spot"" of paranormal activity, but don't let that scare you away! Open Thurs-Sat at 5 pm for Dinner & Spirits. We offer Ghost Tours & Ghost Hunts!

Nelsen's Hall & Bitters Club

1201 Main Rd., Washington Island
The former owner, Tom Nelsen, lived and died in the apartment above the bar. Phantom footsteps have been heard on the stairs and other mischievous acts have been reported.

The Pfister Hotel

424 East Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee
Milwaukee's oldest and most iconic hotel is legendary for housing some of the city's most notorious ghosts.

Rhode Center for the Arts

514 56th St, Kenosha
Since 1891, the Rhode Opera House has been dedicated to bringing ground-breaking theatre and live performance to Downtown Kenosha. Many people have seen, heard or felt things over the years, perhaps you will too on your next visit!

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