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Please note: this review is for the 2015 season rather than the current season.

Terror on the Fox

by majorXpsycho (Newbie Review Crew Member) after attending on Saturday, October 3, 2015 at about 7 p.m.

Fun Factor: High Fear Factor: Very High


Your worst nightmares will become real in Green Bay! No, I am not referring to the Green Bay Packers losing, but rather the terror that awaits you only 5 minutes from Lambeau Field at Terror on the Fox. For 19 years, Terror on the Fox has grown exponentially, adding length, more attractions, increased props and a large collection of souls left behind. Terror on the Fox is located at the National Railroad Museum and during the fall, the real double decker passenger train is transformed into a fog ridden ghost ride that leaves you screaming for escape. When you arrive at Terror on the Fox, the true nature of what is hidden deep in the woods is not apparent and you can only see the glowing red lights of the moving train.

We arrived shortly after the sunset in order to avoid any lengthy lines, but due to the popularity of this Haunt, the lines had already begun to grow. Prior to purchasing your tickets, there is plenty of gifts and food for purchase. There are 4 different ticket purchase options ranging from $15 - $35. Every ticket includes the haunted train ride, walk through the woods and The Omnious Sanctum (or the main haunted house). Since the lines were not too long when we arrived, we skipped the Fast Pass and chose the combo admission in order to gain access to The Pandemonium and The Omnious Sanctum. The Pandemonium and The Omnious Sanctum are two separate haunted attractions at Terror on the Fox, so I will keep the experience for both separate.

It all starts with a wait outside, while large screens play artistic scenes from inside the haunts. You can hear the blow of the train and see its magnificence pulling to a screeching halt in front of you. Ghouls roam the lines and everyone boards the haunted train for a 15 minute ride around the river. While on the train, it is lights out and fog fills the cabins. This is no relaxing train ride, ghouls are after you from above and behind. If you survive the train ride, you are escorted to a brief walk through a dark woods. If you purchased both haunted attractions, you will be directed to start at The Pandemonium.

The Pandemonium creates a very real panic throughout as control is not an option in this haunted attraction. A flashlight dimly provides you with security as you try to find the right way. Imagine being alone at night in a darkened hospital or penitentiary, you hear something coming from the right and with trembling hands, you shine your tiny flashlight only to discover horror is all around you! The ghouls can see you and by the time you see them, it is already too late. The attention to detail in every corner of this haunt was outstanding. We struggled to find our way out and the ghouls had us clinging to the floor in order to avoid their grasp. The Pandemonium took us on a 24 minute panic ridden attempt to escape.

Another brief walk through the darkened woods took us to The Ominous Sanctum. The grandeur of the exterior of this haunt builds excitement and fear at the same time. This is truly the type of artistic construction that only true haunted experts could create. Once inside, the grandeur continues with little to no "down" time. Old favorites still remain, but pale in comparison to the additions that have been made. I consider myself a pretty "seasoned" haunt attendee, but even I struggled to grasp that some of the props were not "real". We faced a lot of hesitation and uncertainty as we slowly moved forward and either something "supernatural" happened to my clock or it literally took us almost 40 minutes to escape! The presentation of the entire haunt would have been frightening even without ghouls, but the spot on performance made for a very thrilling experience.


A lot has changed at Terror on the Fox since it first began 19 years ago! The haunted train ride makes this attraction unique, but the addition of Pandemonium and expansion of the main haunt has turned this into one of the best attractions in Northeast Wisconsin. Everything, from the exterior of The Ominous Sanctum, to the ghouls rocking to heavy metal, screams that this is the work of true haunted experts! I recommend this haunt to "seasoned" attendees as it might be too frightening for anyone who can not handle fear.

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