2012 Visitors Choice Awards Winners

Winners were chosen by registered HauntedWisconsin.com visitors. Each visitor was able to vote for as many events as desired in each category. Duplicate votes by visitors for the same event in the same category were automatically discarded. Many events recieved votes but only the top five are shown (sometimes more in the case of a tie).

Favorite NE Region Haunted Attraction
1st Place The Haunted Mansion62%
2nd Place Trail of Terror13%
3rd Place The Panic Chambers10%
3rd Place The Labyrinth of Tortured Souls10%
5th Place Haunted Sawmill3%

Favorite NW Region Haunted Attraction
1st Place Circus Freaks Haunted House30%
2nd Place Town of Tormented Souls23%
2nd Place Dreadwood Haunted Forest23%
4th Place Emerald Maze7%
4th Place Fear Farm7%
4th Place Haunted School House7%

Favorite CE Region Haunted Attraction
1st Place Burial Chamber Haunted Complex31%
2nd Place Terror on the Fox18%
3rd Place House of Bathory13%
4th Place Splatter Haus11%
5th Place Dominion of Terror6%
5th Place Oblivion Haunted House6%

Favorite CW Region Haunted Attraction
1st Place Onalaska Jaycees "Shed of the Dead"38%
2nd Place Swamp Manor23%
3rd Place Halloween Hollow15%
4th Place Spooky Hollow Haunted Barn15%
4th Place Pettit's Haunted Forest7%

Favorite SE Region Haunted Attraction
1st Place Dr. SCary's23%
2nd Place Wisconsin Feargrounds21%
3rd Place The Dark Side16%
4th Place Abandoned Haunted House Complex15%
5th Place Elements of Fear4%
5th Place Haunted High4%

Favorite SW Region Haunted Attraction
1st Place Chamber of Horrors33%
2nd Place The Haunted Barn30%
3rd Place Fright Factory of Janesville5%
3rd Place Mayr Haunted Corn Maze5%
3rd Place Screamin Acres5%
3rd Place Janesville Community Haunted House5%
3rd Place Dark Side at The House on the Rock5%

Favorite Home Haunt / Yard Display
1st Place The Crypt31%
2nd Place Haunted Hollow21%
3rd Place Lair Of Souls10%
3rd Place House Horror Built10%
3rd Place The Haunted Garage10%

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