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The Haunted Mansion (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

by majorXpsycho (Newbie Review Crew Member) after attending on Sunday, October 25, 2015 at about 7:30 p.m.

Fun Factor: Very High Fear Factor: Very High


Shopping, apple picking and beautiful lake views draw thousands to Door County every fall. However, travel where no tourist dare to adventure and you will find the exciting horrors of The Haunted Mansion! Back for its 10th year of screams, the Haunted Mansion is the only haunted attraction that I made a point to attend again this year.

We arrived early and the lengthy lines of victims confirmed my theory that The Haunted Mansion has quickly become a favorite for all! Aside from the location, the Haunted Mansion has changed entirely from last year with a bigger, better and more frightening main haunted house. The Haunted Mansion is 4 separate haunted attractions for only $10, but do not let the cost fool you. I have been to haunted attractions that are more than double the cost and The Haunted Mansion is as great, if not better! After waiting 30 minutes to purchase our tickets, we decided to go RIP and skip to the front of the lines.

The Haunted Mansion begins with a dimly lit walk (or run if you can) through a corn maze filled with ghouls, traps and sinking sand. The dead really come alive in the corn maze and just when you think the end is in sight, you will find yourself trapped and grasping for your life. We managed to escape only to be loaded on to a haunted bus ride! At first we thought we were safe inside the bus, but it isn't until the door locks that we realized we were far from safe. In fact, we were trapped on a moving horror ride! There is no relaxing on the bus and I have never been more excited to be back on my feet, as I was leaving the haunted bus.

When you exit the bus, you are given a number and notified that you now may enjoy one of the many attractions while waiting for your number. We decided to take our turns at the Zombie paintball and I am quite confident that if the Zombie Apocalypse happens, I will be the first to go! There are also plenty of treats to enjoy while waiting. The Haunted Mansion itself is completely different from last year and thrillingly more frightening. The ghouls are larger and the scenes are more gruesomely detailed. I love that they kept the unique aspects that make the haunt great and added more props and ghouls. I could hear the blood curdling screams of victims that had gone before us and this only added to the fear and excitement.

The spirits inside the haunt made certain no one was left alone, and if you are one of those individuals that likes to try to hide behind a friend, expect to be targeted! After 28 minutes of horror, we managed to squeeze our way out of the mansion. If you make it out, you can proudly add your name to the large "survivor" list. We made it out, but I am not certain if my trembling hands means I am allowed the honor of the title "survivor"! Overall, The Haunted Mansion feeds on what scares you most and has an excellent balance of disgusting, horrifying and thrilling.


In its 10th year of fear, The Haunted Mansion is bigger and has more fear this year! The cost far underestimates the terror you can expect to face in the 4 haunted attractions. You begin with a walk through a dimly lit haunted corn maze filled with walking dead. The haunted bus ride keeps the screams going until you arrive at the main attraction. Try your chance with the Zombie Paintball, Burial Simulator and enjoy a large selection of treats before entering the Haunted Mansion. The Spirits or ghouls inside will not want you to escape and if you do, don't forget to sign the survivor wall! If you want to make a night of fear, make sure to travel to The Haunted Mansion!

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