October 24, 2013

24 haunts open on Oct. 24


Tonight, Thursday, October 24, 24 haunted attractions are open. No joke! Many of these will be closing for the season this weekend, so be sure to head out before they close and while the lines are short!


October 23, 2013

Haunted Attractions are open tonight


Many haunted attractions will soon be closing their doors for the season so this is your chance to get your fill! Several  haunts will be OPEN TONIGHT Although it's a week day, it's a great time to visit as lines will be short. Don't forget to submit a review and vote for your favorite haunts!


October 20, 2013

Burial Chamber Haunted House Complex: Behind the Screams

HW Updates

Andy and I attended Burial Chamber Haunted House Complex in Neenah on October 11 during their 12th haunt season. Burial Chamber has three separate and unique haunted attractions, so you can choose one or visit all three for the ultimate night of scares. This is very popular haunt, so be prepared to wait in line for a while. Luckily they have some yummy snacks available and videos playing on screens, so the wait doesn't feel quite so long. You can event go to their website and buy a timed ticket. Within 15 minutes of your scheduled time just  bring your...


October 17, 2013

Weekend Guide - October 17-20, 2013


The third weekend of October is here. The hot apple cider weather has finally reached us so be sure to bundle up while out and about this weekend. Want to attend a haunted attraction this weekend? You're in luck. Over 65 will be open this weekend! We'll be filming our final Behind the Screams video this Friday at Dominion of Terror in Sheboygan. If you're there, you just may end up in a video! Click here for this weekends guide to Halloween fun!


October 16, 2013

"It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" on ABC Oct. 31

Halloween Hodgepodge

One of my favorite Halloween cartoons, "It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", will be airing on ABC Halloween night, Thursday, October 31 at 7pm CT followed by “You’re Not Elected, Charlie Brown". Even though I own the DVD, I'll still be tuning in for some nostalgia. What's your favorite Halloween cartoon?


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