2010 Onalaska Jaycees Haunted House Event Reviews

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Please note: this review is for the 2010 season rather than the current season.

Onalaska Jaycees Haunted House

by daisy123 after attending on Saturday, October 16, 2010 at about 2:30 p.m.

Fun Factor: Not fun - I got a rock. Fear Factor: Medium


This place really looked promising when we arrived. They had spooks wandering around and the sounds from inside the shed sure added to the atmosphere. We had a group of 12 women. We knew we would have to be split up, which we were, into 3 groups of 4. We had fun waiting in line. The ghouls haunting the outside worked their way through the line frightening anyone that was caught off guard. This is pretty much where the fun ended. When we were escorted inside the 'haunted shed', a 'security' person followed us through the place. (There was a 'security' person following every group.) The 'security' person that was assigned to us is what destroyed any chance of us having a good time. I was the 'tail' person in our group. The 'security' person was much bigger than me and was pressed up against my back, literally pushing me (us) forward constantly telling us to 'MOVE'! We weren't able to see anything or even get a chance at being spooked. When she wasn't telling us to 'move', she was speaking into her walkie-talkie telling someone our exact location in the shed. This was ridiculous. Why bother to go to all the work setting up the place when we weren't even allowed to view the rooms? The ghouls in the shed seemed to be trying hard to scare people. I'm sure we would have enjoyed it if it weren't for our 'security' person.


Our group goes to a haunted house every year. We pretty much know what to expect. You are told before entering not to touch anything. It's a shame they don't follow their own rules. My recomendation to the Jaycees.....Lose the 'security' people!! I can't even tell you what the rooms were like because we weren't allowed to actually see them!!

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