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Terror on the Fox

by hex_on_you (Senior Review Crew Member) after attending on Friday, October 4, 2019 at about 10 p.m.

Fun Factor: Medium Fear Factor: Medium


Terror on the Fox has always been a go-to for me and my group of haunt enthusiasts—it is a veteran haunt with high budget scenery, make-up and numerous high-tech effects. In recent years, it seems that not too much has changed, and this year, although there were some significant changes, they weren’t all for the better.

Be prepared upon arrival—leave all pocketknives and metal objects secured in your vehicles. New this year, Terror on the Fox has upped security and you can’t even enter the front gate with these items. If you choose to leave them at the front gate, they’re left in an unsecured plastic tote—and your items may or may not be there when you’re finished with the haunt. Luckily, an officer patrolling the haunt took an item for us and held it to the end. Along with increased security at the gate, came increased security on the grounds and on the train. I’ve always looked forward to the actors approaching us on the train and climbing levels (not sure what I mean—you will have to check it out for yourself!) but this is a thing of the past. Be careful while taking pictures with signage and banners on the grounds—we were warned not to touch them in any capacity, even while lightly leaning on a fence.

This is a very popular haunt, and as we have in the past, we chose the VIP ticket option. We were able to skip all the lines and got a second shot at concessions and adult beverages before arriving at the main haunt! There is also a bon fire to sit around to stay warm! Be sure to dress warm and ready for Wisconsin weather—the first haunt is almost entirely outside, and all the waiting is outdoors.

Terror on the Fox offers two haunt experiences for one ticket price—LaLlorona: The Weeping Woman and Rise of the Dead (or what I refer to as the ‘main haunt’).

Signage / Visibility / Location

Terror on the Fox is a veteran haunt and staple of the Green Bay community. It is easy to find, located on Broadway Street in Green Bay. There are numerous people directing traffic and helping with parking, which is always helpful—especially for such a large and well-known haunt!

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

As mentioned above, come dressed appropriately for the weather; all waiting is outdoors. There are more than a few stops along your way to the two different haunts giving opportunities for bathroom breaks in their multiple porta potties and a chance to stop for a bite to eat or beverages. Along the way you will meet some other creatures as well—we encountered anywhere from 3-5 live actors while waiting and walking the grounds.

If you choose the VIP experience, you’re given a second stab at concessions and adult beverages, all while waiting around a warm fire pit overlooking the incredible and iconic façade of the main haunt. This is a popular haunt and in the past wait times have been hours—I highly recommend upgrading to VIP if you choose to visit this haunt.

Actors' Performance

There were plenty of live actors that we encountered on our visit to Terror on the Fox. There were three that we met on the train. As I mentioned above, we always look forward to the dynamic and interactive creatures on the train, but this year was a bit of a disappointment. Quite a bit of the ride was taken up with a list of rules (which is important—but the way they were delivered detracted from the experience) and the actors were not as interactive and energetic as they were in the past. As we were exiting the train, an actor called out my name! This was surprising and unexpected—not sure how they picked up on that! Nice touch!

While we were waiting in line for concessions, we had several creatures lurking around us. The attention to detail on costumes and makeup were incredible and it’s obvious that quite a bit of time and money went into the actors’ looks. The actors interacted well with the crowds, and as we see at most haunts, they prey on the weak—watch out!

In the first haunt, we didn’t encounter many live actors, maybe four in the entire attraction which offered a growl as we walked past. The first haunt is a mausoleum and hike through the woods; a few more well placed and energetic actors would have made this haunt more memorable.
The main haunt offered more live actors, a few of which engaged with our group and set the mood for their room. Again, and as always, props to the makeup artists and costume designers—you never cease to impress!

Sets Scenes / Props / FX

As mentioned above and as in past years, the sets and scenery are beyond impressive. Its obvious that this is a high budget haunt, which is bound to be one of the reasons they draw in large crowds! The façades of both attractions are impressive and a great photo opportunity. As in years past, the main attraction features live actors as a part of the face of the house which is great line entertainment!

Keep your eyes peeled while walking through the attractions and pay close attention to detail—there are so many nooks and crannies and every last one is interesting to look at!


From arrival to end, we were at this haunt around an hour. This included going through security, purchasing tickets, riding the train to the two attractions, going through both attractions, and stopping for food, drinks, and bathroom along the way. In years past, we have spent several hours at this haunt (especially when we decided to forego the VIP option) so be prepared.

Crowd Control

It’s obvious that Terror on the Fox is well equipped for large crowds—the ticket lines, waiting lines, and more have well maintained line control. There are several staff and officers on the grounds to help you navigate and to answer any questions you may have, and they were very nice in our encounters with them.

Terror on the Fox also offers a photo opportunity with a live actor before the first haunt, which is a nice touch to pass the time. You are then able to purchase the photo at the end of the haunt.

Most Memorable Moment

Our favorite part of the haunt this year wasn’t an experience in the haunt, but while waiting in the VIP area! We enjoyed lounging by the fire, taking in the awesome scenery of the fun lit haunt. While waiting we had a creature try to photo bomb us—and we ended up getting a great picture with him!


All in all, there is a reason this haunt draws in such a crowd. There is so much to do on the grounds—from concessions, to wait line entertainment, a train ride and so much more. The sets and scenes have always been impressive, and it’s apparent that time and money goes into this haunt. Overall, this year was not our favorite year. From the increase in security and stricter rules, no real changes to the haunts, and the actors not having much gusto, we felt that we didn’t get much bang for our buck. If you decide to attend this haunt, spring for the VIP pass to skip the lines—and then try to hit up some more haunts in the area!

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