Please note: this review is for the 2018 season rather than the current season.

Abandoned Haunted House Complex

by Captn_DeathSchlager (Senior Review Crew Member) after attending on Friday, October 12, 2018 at about 6:30 p.m.

Fun Factor: Very High Fear Factor: Very High


If you're reading this review you fall into one of three categories. (1) Never been to a haunted house before; (2) Been to a haunted house but not Abandoned; (3) you've toured Abandoned in that past.

For those of you in Category (1)...if you or someone in your group is under the age of 10 you may want to think twice before attending this haunt. For the first time in all my haunt going years I actually witnessed a dad and son walking back out the haunt ENTRANCE with the child in frightful tears. (...I would imagine this does happen periodically but this was the first time I was actually walking in as someone was walking out...what are the chances!?!) This haunt should not be taken lightly as you won't find a scarier haunt in Wisconsin!

For those of you in Categories (1) and (2), if you're capable of being scared (i.e. you're not 100% fearless) this haunt WILL scare you. If this haunt doesn't scare you, or at least make you jump on several occasions, it's very unlikely any haunt in Wisconsin will do that for you either. If you're a gore goer or techno-scare junky like me Abandoned will NOT disappoint you.

For those of you in Category (3), Abandoned’s scare tactics have not changed in 2018. (i.e. walk-through style in your face scares with brief encounters with ghouls) You'll be pleasantly surprised with how many new techno-scares await in Hysteria as well as a few new twists in Ambush. 2018 was my 3rd consecutive year visiting Abandoned and my most favorite edition yet!

Miscellaneous thoughts you might find helpful:

* Ever wondered how many ghouls await you at a haunt or what they all look like? If so, Abandoned gives you this chance every night at 6:45pm with "The Rising". Simply put "The Rising" will AMAZE you with how many elaborately made up monsters are onsite to scare you silly. Not to mention the spectacle of the parade is definitely worth the price of admission for it! (side note: viewing the parade is free but it's certainly worth checking out!)

* You may have read that Abandoned is comprised of 3 haunts (...named Hysteria, Ambush and Stalker) In my opinion, there are actually only 2 haunts here. The best way to describe Hysteria and Ambush is one haunt with an intermission in the middle. You can't pay for each of these haunts separately like you can Abandoned's Big Brother Haunt Burial Chamber. NOR, are you forced to get back in a long line after you complete Hysteria. While you may notice a slightly different theme between the two sections of the haunt the scare style remains the same.

* While the terrifying tours through Hysteria and Ambush are all inside the waiting area is not. Stalker's horrifying haunt includes both an outdoor creepy corn maze and demented dwellings. Definitely DO come dressed for the elements

* This haunt does NOT offer numbered tickets. To enter the haunts, non-FASTPASS haunt goers must wait in a very slow moving line that's exposed to the elements. (The wait line entertainment is the best I've experienced though!) If you'd rather have your toe nails slowly ripped off than stand in a slow moving line I definitely recommend purchasing the FASTPASS!

Signage / Visibility / Location

Construction has made this haunt less visible from I-94. The frontage road along I-94 is gone but the road directly east of Abandoned is freshly paved and will take you to the haunt entrance. Look for the bright blue flashing light that sits alongside the road at the parking lot entrance. The parking attendants will guide you in from there.

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

Come dressed for the elements as portions of the wait lines for Ambush, Hysteria and Stalker are outside. As you near the entrance to Ambush and Hysteria the waiting lines are covered. A courtyard with ginormous movie screen, bumpin sound system and a concession stand along with a few costumed actors help to build your anticipation while you wait to enter the haunts. Be sure to arrive early and check out the parade of Ghouls which takes place nightly at 6:45pm. If you don’t like long lines and lengthy waits be sure to purchase a FASTPASS to take advantage of the shorter VIP lines.

Actors' Performance

The actors were very skilled at providing quick and unexpected scares. Only a few actors performed on sets that provided an opportunity for a theatrical display and in these situations they did not disappoint! I particularly enjoyed the introductory performances for Hysteria and Stalker.

Sets Scenes / Props / FX

Brilliant use of shadows and dimly lit hallways/rooms to maximize scare and creep factor. Set designs were very effective in immersing you into the theme of the haunt. Some (but not all) of the sets were among the most elaborately designed/decorated that I've experienced. All set designs were definitely better than the average haunt. Enjoyed some of the unique concepts and special effects. Trick floors, vibrating walls, tripped out laser lights….there’s a little bit of everything to keep you on your toes.


Took my group 11 minutes to complete Hysteria and 18 minutes to complete Ambush for a total time of 29 minutes. (...not including the brief intermission between Hysteria and Ambush.) Stalker took 25 minutes to complete.

Crowd Control

Waiting lines for both Ambush/Hysteria and Stalker were clearly marked off along with the separate FASTPASS lines.

Most Memorable Moment

Several great scares...I particularly enjoyed the reoccurring 'vortex' passages that connected the themes found in Hysteria.


If you’re looking for a totally terrifying experience in SE Wisconsin this Halloween look no further than Abandoned. The scares in Ambush and Hysteria come early and often thanks to an amazing arsenal of gruesome gore and visual effects that maximize scare opportunities. For those who thirst for more thrills Stalker offers even more horrific haunted mayhem. (note: Fun Factor / Fear Factor rankings are in comparison to other haunts in Wisconsin...if you don't enjoy Abandoned you likely won't enjoy the other haunts in Wisconsin.)

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