Please note: this review is for the 2017 season rather than the current season.

The Hill Has Eyes

by hex_on_you (Newbie Review Crew Member) after attending on Saturday, October 7, 2017 at about 9 p.m.

Fun Factor: Very High Fear Factor: High


If you're looking for a haunt to add to the top of your list this season--the Hill Has Eyes is it! With a great waiting area, multiple well thought out attractions, and numerous live actors paired with interactive special effects, this haunt will keep you guessing what could possibly come next!

The Hill Has Eyes is located in Franklin, WI at a once operational (and soon to be operational again!) ski hill. There is plenty of parking to accommodate large crowds, and there is an excellent waiting area (because you may be waiting a bit for this popular haunt!). The waiting area located in a large covered tent totes a DJ, a full bar, and an outdoor area with some lurking creatures and multiple fire barrels to keep you warm!

Our group of three opted for the "VIP" speed passes, where we could skip the line at each of the five attractions at the Hill Has Eyes. I would highly recommend spending the extra $10 to upgrade, as it jam packed our night with more scares and entertainment and less time waiting in line. Our group loved that we could stay together as a group of three, and went through most of the five attractions as just the three of us! It truly added to the experience and made the haunt one to remember!

The Hill Has Eyes requires a signed waiver, as they have a lot of interactive special effects, including a "hooded" portion of the event, a section of the woods which is "shocking", and a ride on their "scare" lift! I didn't research the haunt much before attending (which I wish I would have because the back story for each of the attractions is wonderful!), and I almost let the waiver scare me away! But don't let it! This haunt was excellent and our entire group had so much fun from beginning to end, and the interactive special effects made it a haunt to remember!

Add the Hill Has Eyes to your haunt adventures this season, you won't regret it!

Signage / Visibility / Location

This was my first time visiting, but luckily someone else in our group had been to this haunt before. We had a hard time finding the entrance to the haunt as there wasn't much signage, and we didn't see anyone directing us where to go (there were also a lot of other buildings on the grounds!). When we finally trekked down to the large tent to buy tickets, we realized we went in the wrong entrance and the monster outside the correct entrance directed us into the wrong line and we ended up in the line for patrons that had bought tickets on line--which we hadn't. But we found it and got in the right line eventually! It would have been great to have a large sign or security pointing you down the haunt and another large sign at the door/person directing you into the correct line.

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

While the wait was long--there was plenty to do while waiting! There was a DJ set up in the corner of the large tent, a full bar, and a couple of creepy characters roaming about! While you're waiting in line, they have waivers going around for you to sign before purchasing your tickets. We opted for the VIP experience for an extra $10--it was well worth it!

Tickets are available online until 6pm the night of the haunt--I would definitely recommend planning your trip and purchasing tickets prior to arrival to save time. And to save more time opt for the VIP experience.

Actors' Performance

The actors were excellent! Once in the haunt, there were plenty of characters and security directing you where to go! One of the actors at the front of the house picked up on my name--and a few extra actors in the first attraction called out my name as well! Huge kudos as it added so much to the experience! For how many attractions and how long each of them were, there were more than enough live actors to go around. Every actor stayed in character and committed to their roles and the costumes and makeup was wonderful!

Sets Scenes / Props / FX

The Hill Has Eyes has five attractions and each one had a life of its own. While I've been to some haunts with multiple attractions that I've said "less is more", at the Hill Has Eyes, "more is more!" I wish that I would have researched the haunt a bit before going and read up on the back stories of each haunt--but even without the extra research it was easy to figure out the general theme for each attraction.

The scenery for each haunt was detailed and set the mood. I enjoyed the incline changes, the wooded paths, and the different effects -- from gory props, to stunning animatronics, and more, these haunts are sure to "SHOCK" you in more way than one! Keep your eye out for the bus in the woods--awesome actors were able to set mood and make it feel like we were in a scene of American Horror Story in Twisty's bus!

This haunt has waivers--and for good reason. Don't let this scare you away (like it nearly did to me!) The waiver details why you need to sign before entering the haunt--from wearing a black hood for part of a haunt, a little "shock" in the woods, multiple elevation changes, and even a ride on the "scare"-lift! Each of these effects set this haunt apart and made it a haunt to remember!

This haunt kept me guessing--I didn't know what to expect next, and after each new effect or scare, the next was able to top it! Our whole group enjoyed the "scare"-lift portion of the haunt! There is a sign at the entrance that details an "accident" that happened here -- it would be nice if it was better lit to read and set us up for the section of the haunt! They did an awesome job handing out "news articles" about the accident too! Great touch.


FIVE attractions--FIVE! While this was the priciest haunt that I've been to this season, it was well worth the money. We were at the haunt--from ticket line to leaving--for approximately 2 hours (and that was WITH the VIP experience!). With the VIP experience we were able to skip the line at each attraction, which was a major time saver that I would highly recommend!

Crowd Control

From the ticket line, to each of the five attractions there was plenty of staff on hand to direct you where to go and what haunt was next. They had adequate waiting lines at each of the five attractions, and each attraction was paced well. Groups were sent through each attraction with 6 or less people, and we never caught up to other groups. Some staff at the very entrance of the haunt and ticket line would have helped clear up confusion at the beginning, but other than that great job!

Most Memorable Moment

There were so many "wow" moments throughout the haunt, but I would have to say what sets the Hill Has Eyes apart from other area haunts is the interactive portions--having to place a hood over your head, getting a little "shock" and the "scare"-lift!


Awesome job to the staff and actors at the Hill Has Eyes! This is a haunt that you will want to add to the top of your list this season. Check out their website for pricing as it changes throughout the season--and it looks like there will be a special promotion for Friday the 13th! This haunt is a great mix of live actors, amazing sets, and interactive special effects that will keep you guessing what could possibly come next. There is plenty to do both inside and out while waiting, and plenty of parking to accommodate the large crowds that they deserve. This is a haunt that I will definitely be returning to in the future!

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