Please note: this review is for the 2017 season rather than the current season.


by hex_on_you (Newbie Review Crew Member) after attending on Friday, October 6, 2017 at about 7:30 p.m.

Fun Factor: High Fear Factor: High


Add Splatterhaus to your list of haunts to visit this Halloween season! Their high tech animatronics mixed with live actors will keep you on your toes and keep even veteran thrill seekers coming back for more!

The haunt is located in Sheboygan and is easy to find, not far from highway 43. The waiting area, while it is all outside (which wasn't the best for a rainy night!) was well lit and had plenty of parking.

While this is the shortest haunt that I have been through this season, they made use of your time and jam packed it with scares and effects that are sure to haunt your dreams! Some of the effects are interactive and move in your path of travel--which is great and keeps you questioning what will come next! For the $10 price tag--it was well worth the trip and money to visit!

Signage / Visibility / Location

This was my first time visiting Splatterhaus and it was easy to find! They had signs directing you where to go, and once you're in the parking lot its well lit and easy to see where to find your tickets and get in line. I drove from Green Bay, and some friends met me from near Milwaukee and we both had an easy time finding the haunt!

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

The waiting area is all outdoors, and besides hearing the screams of the house and some animated entertainment on the main attraction, there wasn't any outdoor entertainment while we were waiting. We didn't have to wait too long--which was good because it was raining!

Actors' Performance

The actors inside the house were great. They were committed to their role and did a great job staying in character! There weren't many live actors inside the haunt--but the ones that were were great!

Sets Scenes / Props / FX

The scenes and effects in the haunt were excellent--each scene was broken up by dark hallways with hidden scares, and they had excellent effects in each room that were interactive. Splatterhaus is a modern haunt with a great mix of animatronics and live scares. It takes a lot to scare me in a haunt--and I had multiple jump scares!


The haunt was the shortest of the haunts I have been to this season--it took us maybe 10-15 minutes to get through the entire haunt. Its located in four semi trailers--which you would never know once you're inside! The haunt wasn't long--but they made use of the time you were in the haunt and jam packed it with scares! Splatterhaus is also paced very well--they kept small groups and we never caught up to the group ahead of us.

Crowd Control

It was a rainy night and wasn't very busy, but the wait line was set up for easy crowd control. They did a great job of tracking our groups and tickets and were willing to take pictures of us for us while we were waiting in line!

Most Memorable Moment

The most memorable moment was when I thought an effect at the end of a hallway would give way to a door...but it moved at me instead! I loved that this house wasn't predictable and kept me on my toes!


Great job Splatterhaus! This was my first visit, but it definitely won't be my last. The attraction is short, but is jam packed with high tech effects and scares that you will remember! Our group exited the house in laughter at how much fun we had in such a short period of time! Keep up the great work--I can't wait to see what the future has in store for your haunt! Happy Haunting!

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