Please note: this review is for the 2016 season rather than the current season.

Abandoned Haunted House Complex

by Captn_DeathSchlager (Senior Review Crew Member) after attending on Saturday, October 1, 2016 at about 8:30 p.m.

Fun Factor: Medium Fear Factor: Very High


Abandoned Haunted Complex - Burial Chamber’s sinister sister haunt is sensationally sick!! For years I’ve been proclaiming the Fox Valley’s Burial Chamber as Wisconsin’s scariest haunted attraction. While I’m not quite ready to recant this proclamation (yet!) I will admit that Abandoned has done something that no other haunt in Wisconsin has been able to do…quench my insatiable thirst for more of the unique thrills made famous by Burial Chamber.

2016 marks the 6th season for Abandoned but was the first year that I have toured the Haunted Complex. Here are some devilish details that I acquired from my terrifying tour…

This haunt features 3 haunted attractions: Ambush, Hysteria and Stalker. Both Ambush and Hysteria reside inside while Stalker consists of a mix of disturbing dwellings connected by a creeped out corn maze. The layout of Ambush and Hysteria are similar in that they are both comprised of a seemingly endless maze of cleverly crafted corridors consisting of a variety of themes. The journey through both Ambush and Hysteria progresses continuously without stoppages for elaborate skits. Rooms here are more like themed corridors than rooms and your pace through these haunts are determined more by how quickly you walk than it is by the creatures lurking in the shadows. The ghouls throughout are unrelenting in their quest to scare each and every visitor regardless of their position within a group. Yes, you read that correctly…you will be terrorized regardless of your position in your group as there is no place to hide from the menacing monsters lurking throughout the haunts. Sets were lit effectively…dim enough to encourage you to keep your scare guard up but light enough so that you could appreciate the amazing attention to detail with the sets and costumed actors. Gore and special effects were plentiful with several visual abominations that will torment your mind long after your exit. Laser lighting, black lit rooms, a vortex, strobe lights, and trick floor were just a few of the visual stimuli offered up.

Bonus note for those familiar with Burial Chamber but not Abandoned….the journey through Ambush and Hysteria is continuous unlike Burial Chamber’s Adrenalin and Insanity where you exit one and are required to get in line for the next one.

Unlike Ambush and Hysteria, Stalker incorporates a creepy corn maze with occasional petrifying passages through eerie dwellings found along the way. Rustling corn and sinister sounds heighten your anticipation of what’s to come as you proceed along a moon lit path. Similar to Ambush and Hysteria, the monsters in Stalker were menacing, highly motivated and acrobatic doing an exceptional job of appearing out of nowhere to scare each and every member the tour group regardless of position.

The haunted complex also offers a side attraction, Shoot-a-Feak, that allows you to shoot a ghoul with a paintball gun. A large courtyard with a ginormous movie screen, bumpin’ sound system and a concession stand can be found directly behind the main complex. A nightly parade of ghouls also takes place here every night at 6:45pm.

Signage / Visibility / Location

Very easy to find as it’s located on the frontage road running alongside of I-94. The sheer size of this complex combined with several parking attendants flagging you into the parking lot make it nearly impossible to miss this place.

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

Come dressed for the elements as portions of the wait lines for Ambush, Hysteria and Stalker are outside. As you near the entrance to Ambush and Hysteria the waiting lines are covered. A courtyard with ginormous movie screen, bumpin sound system and a concession stand along with a few costumed actors help to build your anticipation while you wait to enter the haunts. Be sure to arrive early and check out the parade of Ghouls which takes place nightly at 6:45pm. If you don’t like long lines and lengthy waits be sure to purchase VIP passes to take advantage of the shorter VIP lines.

Actors' Performance

The actors were very skilled at providing quick and unexpected scares. Only a few actors performed on sets that provided an opportunity for a theatrical display and in these situations they did not disappoint! I particularly enjoyed the performances in the Chapel Room, Gas Chamber/Shower Room and the Stalker Intro room.

Sets Scenes / Props / FX

Brilliant use of shadows and dimly lit hallways/rooms to maximize scare and creep factor. Set designs were very effective in immersing you into the theme of the haunt. Not the most elaborate set designs I've seen but definitely better than the average haunt. Enjoyed some of the unique concepts and special effects. Trick floors, vibrating walls, tripped out laser lights….there’s a little bit of everything to keep you on your toes.


Took my group 25 minutes to complete Ambush/Hysteria and 25 minutes to complete Stalker

Crowd Control

Waiting lines for both Ambush/Hysteria and Stalker were clearly marked off along with the separate VIP lines.

Most Memorable Moment

Several great scares...the Chapel Room wins the ‘how the heck did they do that’ award!


If you’re looking for a totally terrifying experience in SE Wisconsin this Halloween look no further than Abandoned. The scares in Ambush and Hysteria come early and often thanks to an amazing arsenal of gruesome gore and visual effects that maximize scare opportunities. For those who thirst for more thrills Stalker offers even more horrific haunted mayhem.

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