Please note: this review is for the 2015 season rather than the current season.

Wisconsin Scaryland (PERMANENTLY CLOSED)

by wm (Newbie Review Crew Member) after attending on Saturday, October 17, 2015 at about 9:30 p.m.

Fun Factor: Very High Fear Factor: Very High


Looks can be deceiving! Driving up to Wisconsin Scaryland, it just looked like any other large building. But inside this average looking dwelling was another story!

The line for Wisconsin Scaryland was impressive! It’s clear that this is a very popular attraction, the wait was close to two hours! There are two separate wait lines: one outside and one inside. The smoke alarm kept going off as they were using a fog machine in the inside wait area. At first I thought that was just another sound effect until I saw a worker keep fanning the air by the alarm to make it stop. Although it’s very expensive, you might want to consider the 'Jump The Line' ticket. Especially on a cold night where you're waiting over an hour!

Your journey starts in an elevator where they lay out the rules. It's there that you learn that you cannot touch the actors, but they CAN touch you! It's good that they state this right up front so visitors are not too freaked out when it happens. Then you ascend to the "13th" floor and to the horror that awaits you.

There are three different themes in Wisconsin Scaryland: the Westport Penitentiary, Toxic, and the Carnevil Big Chop Circus. While some haunts would make these three separate attractions, here they flow from one theme into the next.

There were so many great staged scenes: The cemetery, the circus, the trashed bathroom (SO gross), the nursery, the dentist office... every room was done very well! They had them all dimly lit to perfection. Unfortunately not all the rooms had actors in them, but everything was great to look at.

As mentioned above, one thing that makes this haunt unique is that they the actors can touch you. This isn’t over-done, but just enough to freak you out! There were a few times where someone grabbed or lightly touched me. Their timing was great!

The haunt seemed to end abruptly. I thought we were walking into the next scene and it really was the exit. I didn't want it to end!!! In talking with other visitors, everyone seemed to really enjoy themselves. A tip that I didn't find out until after my visit: Purchase your ticket online for a nice discount!

Signage / Visibility / Location

It's pretty easy to find Wisconsin Scaryland, and you'll definitely see the crowd of people waiting in line.

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

There were a few actors walking around as you waited in line. Nothing scary, but definitely entertaining! It was a little confusing where you needed to purchase your tickets.

Actors' Performance

Most all of the actors did a great job and really went all out. Even the nurses that take your money were great!

Sets Scenes / Props / FX

All the scenes and props in Wisconsin Scaryland are top notch. You would expect them to be, considering that Halloween FX Props designed it!


It took approximately 20 minutes to make our way through all three themes.

Crowd Control

It was a very busy night, and there were several times we bumped into other groups.

Most Memorable Moment

I have to say that the one thing that I remember most was walking through a large public bathroom. The janitor was hilarious!


Long lines, but well worth the wait! All in all, Wisconsin Scaryland is a very professional and well run haunt!

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