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by majorXpsycho (Newbie Review Crew Member) after attending on Sunday, October 4, 2015 at about 8:30 p.m.

Fun Factor: Very High Fear Factor: High


The Morgue is a 1920's haunted abandoned school house located near the Austin Straubel Airport in Green Bay. This was my first visit to The Morgue which has been at this location for approximately 20 years! It is rare that I am caught "off guard" at any Haunted House, but The Morgue is nothing like any other haunted house I have attended.

Once you arrive you purchase a wristband and you are directed to a walk through the woods. The woods was very dark and it was difficult to navigate, but we managed to make our way through. There were no ghouls in the woods, but it helped build up the fear for the main attraction. Once you exit the woods, you first notice a HUGE bonfire with lots of couches and seating area's all around. There was already a sizable group waiting for their numbers to be called in order to enter The Morgue. Everyone that pays admissions receives a wristband with a group number on it, this allows you to relax, purchase food, beverages or just enjoy the bonfire. There are also several ghouls roaming the groups outside, waiting to catch you off guard. I witnessed a young man running for his life and he lost a shoe while trying to escape.

The school house was difficult to see, so it isn't until you are inside that you realize you are in a truly paranormal environment. When your number is called, the scares begin! You do not enter the house with other groups, so you do not have to worry about other annoying crowds ruining the fear. Everything inside the haunted house was completely unexpected, starting with the very first "room". I heard someone outside refer to the inside of the haunted house as a "large playground", but I feel that is a strong "understatement". I love haunted houses that rely on real "phobia's" instead of just using "scary animatronnics" and The Morgue has mastered this technique! A bloody moving corpse isn't as scary to me as walls caving in, floors dropping and abandoned school houses. Yes, there is a slide and it is the largest slide I have ever seen at a haunted attraction, but that doesn't even begin to describe the 45 minute long experience I had inside The Morgue. The ghouls did a phenomenal job and you could tell they truly were passionate about making you scream and squirm. There was very little "down time" aside from the 3 stories that you climb on several occasions throughout the haunt. The engineering and innovation that has gone into this lengthy haunt is clearly the result of a team that understands what really makes people scream.


The Morgue is a uniquely terrifying haunted attraction that is located inside of an old 1920's school house. There is no standing in line, so feel free to cuddle up and enjoy good conversation with others around the huge bonfire. We are all afraid of "something" and if you attend the Morgue, be prepared to face that fear! While the slide increases the fun factor, it is just a small part of a much larger frightening experience. This is definitely one of those haunts that everyone should experience!

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