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Dr. SCary's (CLOSED)

by MJM49353 after attending on Sunday, October 26, 2014 at about 9 p.m.

Fun Factor: High Fear Factor: Very High


I'd like to end on a high note for this review because I really did enjoy myself, so I'm going to start with the negatives. I loved that I could get my tickets cheaper online for Dr. Scary's Haunted House. I went on my computer & first tried to figure out how I was going to prove to the staff that I purchased my tickets online. I couldn't find anything that said I would either have to print my tickets, show them a confirmation e-mail, etc. I DON'T HAVE A PRINTER. So with this day & age I figured all I'd have to do is bring it up on my phone once we got there. I go through my ENTIRE purchase & then it tells me I have to print my tickets! I was beyond pissed. So I'm scrambling, trying to figure out who I can call to go on my e-mail & walk them through everything that they'd have to do. I decided on my mother. Walking her through step by step what she had to do to print these tickets was no easy task. If you ever meet my mother you wouldn't want here anywhere near a computer! 10 agonizing minutes later she says they have printed & look acceptable. My family doesn't have a lot of money. We can barely afford to feed ourselves. The government probably considers us poverty. So please don't assume that everyone has a printer! This is not the first time not having a printer has bit me in the keester. My suggestion is: when people start their transaction online; it should be posted somewhere that you'll have to print your tickets. Not after the whole purchase is complete!
The second thing that was upsetting was waiting over 2 hours in line. Yes, I understand this is probably everywhere & being so close to Halloween it was super busy but after being on my feet for over 10 hours at work and then standing in line for over 2 hours... I was not a happy camper. It's probably inconceivable to have a bunch of chairs all lined up for people to sit but I believe someone should come up with some kind of idea to make your guests more comfortable or to speed up the line. I wouldn't have minded waiting an hour or an hour and a half but that's probably my limit. A "fast-pass" option is available, of course. But like I said before we couldn't afford it. When I come back next year I will definitely be purchasing a fast-pass. It IS worth it!
On to the endless list of positives: The prosthetics and make-up on these live actors were amazing! You could barely tell that it was fake. The first clown I saw looked very very real! I also loved how there was 4 or 5 actors scaring people while we were agonizingly waiting in line for so long. It brought on some amusement. I think the only suggestion I have for this area is: when you're waiting in line for THAT long you could have more actors walking around. It got a bit boring seeing the same ones over & over. The music and music videos that were playing were disappointing and cheesy. Right before entering, a woman informs you of everything she needs to tell you and she thanks you for waiting in line for so long. That meant a lot to me, she appreciated our pain just to see this attraction!
Inside the first house, Dungeons of Terror: AMAZING! Everything you would want out of a Haunted House is what you get when you walk into this place! Very scary, the actors were quit skilled. Their hearts were definitely in it! Spectacular, realistic props.There are a few key points that stick in my brain that I have to get out. The puffs of air down by your legs was very unexpected. The gargoyle in the beginning was one of my favorites. He/she did an excellent job. The barrels & the ceiling having the effect of falling on top of you was a VERY clever idea. The animated electronics were big & impressive. The certain smells of rotting/dead bodies was impactful. I also noticed that if a ton of guests were all kind of squished together the actors would stall us going into the next room to create more space between groups. Excellent job on that. The actors screaming in my face was exceptionally effective. The only suggestion I have is: everyone knows you go for the girls in the group to scare or the people in the middle. If you see a big guy coming in first or holding up the rear, scare that man and make him scream like a little girl! LOL :-)
Between attractions: a women talks to you about coming on here and voting for them for your favorite haunted house. She was very kind and informative. I liked the little surprise we got during her speech ;-) Walking over to the second house you have to wait in, yet, another line. This line is considerably shorter than the first. I believe we waited maybe 20 minutes. Another woman warns you of what you're going to experience. Again, very kind and informative.
Inside the second house, Pandemonium: strobe lights, loud music, dense fog, dead ends, people walking in all different directions. This one is designed to confuse you... it works! LOL. I suffer from vertigo, and I stayed in there probably longer than the average person because I couldn't find my way out, but I was fine. I didn't feel sick or dizzy even considering how powerful the strobes were. We actually lost a part of our group in this one, which added to the fun. I did notice the safety measures being taken with this particular attraction. There were countless members of the staff committed to the safety of every guest. My own little personal suggestion is: when walking thru that inflatable wall thing, I apologize for not knowing what it's called. If it's possible, some should grab your feet or your legs! When walking thru one of those, I'm always very aware that nothing is surrounding my feet. It would be delightful for actors to grab your ankles or something to that affect. Ultimately great job everyone that helped/participated/worked or had anything to do with Dr. Scary's Haunted House!


Too long of a wait in line is basically my only complaint, which is expected. Everything else was beyond what I had hoped for. I would definitely recommend to a friend and I WILL be coming back next year.

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