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Terror on Rural Street (CLOSED IN 2020)

by earthangel129 (Newbie Review Crew Member) after attending on Saturday, October 5, 2013 at about 4 p.m.

Fun Factor: Very High Fear Factor: Very High


Terror on Rural Street was at the top of my list of haunts to review this year so when I arrived on Saturday night I was extremely excited.  Terror on Rural Street is a haunt that I try to attend each year and there is a simple reason.  Each year this haunt delivers true scares, laughs, and fun, and it manages to do so while continuously mixing things up which makes each year uniquely frightening.  My visit this year is quite possibly my favorite of any that I have made to Terror on Rural Street.

Upon arriving at the haunt, the parking lot seemed pretty full, but we managed to find a spot fairly quickly.  We later found out that this is due to the parking lot being a shared lot, but there is plenty of additional parking across the street and on a main street located near the haunt.  As we walked up to the haunt the ambiance quickly becomes spooky.  We walked right up and got our tickets.  There was no line for tickets!  After we received our tickets, we headed into a large waiting area that is warm and dry.  This was a literal warm welcome on Saturday night because the weather was doing its own part to create a creepy setting for our haunt visits.  There is a concession area that that can provide you with a variety of drinks and treats while you enjoy your warm wait with plenty of seating!  Another plus, it is not very often that while you wait in line at a haunt you get to sit down.  I waited for my three digit number to be called, and after a short wait of approximately fifteen minutes, it was. 

We were escorted past a wonderfully decorated outside area and into a dark creepy building with very low lighting.  This is where we waited to enter the haunt.  In this area, our wait
was only about seven minutes during which time we handed in our tickets and learned the rules of the haunt.  Then a door opened and the group was on our way in.  This haunt works on your senses on so many levels.  The sound effects and lighting are spectacular.  There are so many unique areas decorated with clever and realistic props.  The actors at this haunt made me jump several times, as was the case with most of our group, as we passed through the many rooms, passages and mazes that seemed to swallow me in darkness. 

This haunt brought me in contact with a myriad of characters in an impressive number of areas.  These actors were really working us and we were consistently being startled by someone or something.  I was also assaulted by ear-piercing noises, chills, moving and uneven ground, in addition to an array of completely disorientating light shows.  Then quickly the darkness returned again.  This grouping of special effects had an incredibly successful influence on our group, since as we traveled through the house our group went the wrong way several times.  Our terrifying acquaintances actually
suggested that we change leaders on multiple occasions because we kept getting lost. 

Terror on Rural Street also delivers on every level so there is something for everyone.  The variety of scenes and special effects are too high to count when you are experiencing it.  Stylized areas vary widely from an attack of the insect variety to cannibals with imprisoned victims screaming for anyone to help you.  There were also some amazing special effects that create a brand new way to experience a twisted maze.  I also was lucky enough to experience a great deal of laughs delivered by a group of great actors in the haunt.  The interaction they provided with us as the visitors was amazing.  They teased and followed us, mocked and surprised us and delivered quite a few witty lines.  I felt infected by the atmosphere and the haunt seemed to last and last.     

Eventually we manipulated our way through an amazing spinning vortex and a maze that confused and befuddled us so much that we lost part of our group.  We ended our journey on a scare and with a scream.  My time inside the haunt lasted about twenty minutes and was amazing.  This haunt pulled me in, and during those twenty minutes  I was filled with fright, excitement, confusion, and delight. 

Terror on Rural Street offers an amazing experience that is well worth the price of admission with a very professional mood.  The area is well lit, clean, and the people who work there are courteous and professional. I enjoyed Terror on Rural Street tremendously and am ready to go visit again.  I highly recommend a visit to Terror on Rural Street this year so you can experience this thrillingly fun haunt firsthand.                         

Signage / Visibility / Location

Terror on Rural Street is easily located and there are many signs to help you find your way there.

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

The waiting area here is more akin to  a lounge.  A warm, dry area with ample seating and concessions.!


Terror on Rural Street is a haunt that I strongly recommend.  It is terrifying and fun.  The actors are fabulous and the effects are amazing.  I was rattled and bewildered and now I just want more! 

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