Please note: this review is for the 2011 season rather than the current season.

Terror on the Fox

by wm (Newbie Review Crew Member) after attending on Sunday, October 23, 2011 at about 3 p.m.

Fun Factor: Medium Fear Factor: Low


I'll admit it, up until now I have boycotted Terror On The Fox.  I'm a lifelong resident of Green Bay, and TOTF is basically a local
landmark in it's own right.  The house itself has been around forever at numerous locations, well before the 15 years it now celebrates at the National Railroad Museum.  Year after year, there's tons of hype for this well promoted house... yet I was a let down the many times I visited.  That, dear readers, was several years ago.  Now things are different.  New management.  Lower prices.  A 'back to basics' approach.  I'm part excited, part leery of how this experience will unfold.

I attended on a Sunday night, which leads me to believe that they were lower staffed than if I would have went the prior few nights.  There was only one actor on the train, and it seemed like he was making small talk more than trying to get some screams out of the
passengers.  The train ride is one of the most unique parts of this haunt.  When they first started offering it 15 years ago, it was much more spooky.  There was no strobe or loud music.  Sitting in a dark train as it travels through the woods at night, with monsters creeping around you.  Now THAT was scary!

Before heading to the main attraction, you're directed to several large tents (IF you purchased the combo or VIP pass).  The first up was the 3rd Dimension of Fear, "Carney Rampage".  There was no rampage there.  It was short and disappointing, with no scares and lots of glow in the dark colors.  The actor tried his best to be funny, I'll give him that.

Next up was The Void.  Now this was very well done, and it proves that your imagination can be more scary than anything you can see.  It's pitch black, you can't see a thing!  Just a dark maze with some actors in it, but we jumped a few times!  I think they had on night vision goggles as their timing was spot on.  We must have looked so goofy to them as we walked around in circles.  After leaving the dark Void, we came to the Vortex.  If you've ever been to the Terror On The Fox, then you'll know of the multi-color tunnel that plays mind tricks on you.  In fact, most haunts have something just like it now, or something similar.  TOTF was one of the first to have it, if not the first...  but maybe it's time to retire it?  Maybe it's time to take back the claim of the area's best haunted house with something new and original.      

Up next is a short walk in the woods before you come up to the house.  Another part that used to be much more scary, as they used to have actors jumping out at you as you walked by.  But again, this was a Sunday night.  I hope that is something they still do on their busy nights.  Now, walking up to the house is impressive.  The location, the look of the house, the lights and actors...  it definitely has the WOW factor going for it.  I'm glad to see they went back to the 'run down' look for the house, and
not the neon day glow paint job it sported a few years ago.  There were two actors moving to the music, looking extremely creepy while still keeping the beat.  Not an easy task!

I want to take a minute from this review to address a particular actor that was in front of the haunted house.  Picture a pale Aaron Rodgers wearing a black cowboy outfit.  I don't think I've ever been as offended by an actor in an entertainment setting before as I was this night.  He was extremely rude and demanding.  I get it, this isn't a kiddy ride.  But this isn't my first rodeo either.  He crossed the line several times by screaming in our faces with his demanding tone, talking down to us.  I also didn't
appreciate his holding a straight blade to my throat multiple times, real or fake.  You were way out of line A.R., this is SUPPOSED to be entertaining.  I ended up ignoring and walking past him into the house after several minutes of him berating us.  I digress...

We enter the house in all it's glory.  It really is something to see if you've never been there.  The amount of detail that's there is incredible.  I wish I could have spent more time in each room, taking it all in.  Some rooms I remember from before, but I didn't mind as they really are very impressive.  There was at least one actor in each room, and most did a good job at entertaining us.  There were only a few that actually scared us.  These were the sneaky ghouls that were actually hiding and jumped out when we approached.  'The Boss' near the end didn't have to hide though, he was terrifying just standing there.  The last room featured another TOTF classic, which maybe should also be considered for the retirement party at the end of the season.

Signage / Visibility / Location

Extremely easy to find, with lit signs as you approach. 

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

They have a nice concession stand and snack area.  Being it was on a Sunday, we really didn't have to wait.

Actors' Performance

All the actors stayed in character and some did a great job of getting us to jump!

Sets Scenes / Props / FX

This is where the Terror On The Fox shines.  Nobody can touch their scenes and visuals that they create.


The 3rd Dimension of Fear was about 5 minutes.  The Void was about 15 minutes.  The main house is about 20 minutes.

Crowd Control

They do a very good job keeping the groups from bumping into other groups.

Most Memorable Moment

I don't know what was in that toilet, and I don't think I want to know!!


Terror On The Fox is a ton of flash and eye candy, one that should really be seen if you're in the Green Bay area.  It's put together very well, and seems to run very efficiently.  Unfortunately, it doesn't change much year after year.  I have seen some GREAT positive changes since the new management has taken over.  Now it's time to get those creative juices flowing and bring something new to the table.  I'm sure it's not easy try to scare the same community year after year.  But they did it once, they can do it again!   

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