Please note: this review is for the 2011 season rather than the current season.

Mars Haunted House - CLOSED-

by spookshow babe (Newbie Review Crew Member) after attending on Friday, October 7, 2011 at about 5 p.m.

Fun Factor: Medium Fear Factor: Medium


I would say that Mars Haunted House has done a really good job this year again. Keeping things fresh, it was nice to see some new added sets and props from previous years as well as new actors and characters. It is also nice to see some from previous years make a return as well. I feel Mars Haunted House's has some of the best actors working the waiting area. They are always done up in the BEST costumes and do a great job at keeping you entertained and they add a lot to the fun! Inside you will find very detailed sets and good props as well as edger actors ready to frighten you! I would say this haunt is best for teens and adults, but they do have a day where you can take kids and the scare factor is not as high as on a common night. I would say this is a haunted house worth  checking out if you haven't already and since I have been going for 8 or 9 years, it is obviously one I feel is worth revisiting as well!

Signage / Visibility / Location

There is a hearse parked outside the haunted house with the name on it that is visible. It is on a very well lit street and there are plenty of actors outside roaming the line that will grab your attention.

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

I was very impressed with the actors scaring people in line. My favorite of the 3 was a silly redneck clown called "Stitches". There is also a vampire and another evil clown, They do a wonderful job of adding a few laughs to the scares and do a good job of getting you excited to go in the haunt!

Actors' Performance

Most the actors did a really good job at timing when they would jump out to scare you and some came from unexpected places. One crawled out from under a bookshelf which I did not expect and it did startle me a fair bit! They did a good job of staying in character, and walking after you after you left the room which added to the scare.

Sets Scenes / Props / FX

I liked a lot of the sets and the props were well used in the sets. A lot of it was reused from previous years, but it was nice to see them used in a different way. My only complaint was that in 2 of the rooms they used something to make the rooms smell REALLY bad, so bad that I found myself rushing out of them and rushing along to the next room, though it was good to keep the people moving I guess, it was very unpleasant and took me out of the experience... I just wanted to get out. I didn't have a chance really to enjoy those sets much either because of that. If they were going for an "uncomfortable" feeling, they succeeded, but it was not something I would want to go through again! Another minor thing, was that the floors were very uneven throughout the haunt. In the past people have used pillows and such to create this effect, and it felt to me there were just a lot of lose boards and broken up wood on the ground. It was a nice effect, but in a haunted house where its very dark, it seemed a little unsafe. I almost tripped twice and husband did trip into me once. Pillows are a little better for this I feel, you still are stable and if you do fall its not going to be a hard landing.


It took us about 15 min to walk through it.. this could be because I walked a lot quicker through the smelly rooms though.

Crowd Control

It was good. It was just my husband and I and they let us go in the 2 of us. They seemed to let a lot of people in just with the groups they came with which is nice, and we didn't bump into another crowd in the haunt.

Most Memorable Moment

I really liked the opening of this haunt, or the first room you enter. You get a little history about the building being REALLY haunted which adds to the fear I think. They do a good job of getting you excited for the ride!


I have been going to Mars Haunted House for 8 or 9 years now and I am always pleased with it. The actors do a good job, the make up is well done, they have some really great masks they use and the sets are always different year to year and well designed. I was a little sad to see out "bearded lady" friend was not in it this year, he was always very funny from previous years, but the big guy wondering the hallways was pretty scary and could be my new favorite in this haunt, as well as "Stitches" working outside. I was also sad to not find our Devil friend from last year, but maybe he was not working that night. I think everyone in the haunt and working outside it does a good job and adds to the experience however, I just have some personal favorites. I would recommend this haunt to people looking to get scared, but NOT too scared and who enjoy a good creepy atmosphere. I only warn you about the really smelly rooms and the uneven ground.

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