Please note: this review is for the 2011 season rather than the current season.

Terror on the Fox

by majorXpsycho (Newbie Review Crew Member) after attending on Saturday, October 1, 2011 at about 4 p.m.

Fun Factor: Medium Fear Factor: High


Terror on the Fox is back again with their 15th year of fear!  Located at the
National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Terror on the Fox is home to 4
separate haunted attractions, including the ONLY haunted train ride in
WI and perhaps the Midwest!  It is the haunted train ride and large
collection of ghoulish props that keep visitors (including myself)
returning  every year.  I have been attending Terror on the Fox every
year since they first opened and it is great to see fan favorites such
as the vortex, claustrophobia, and giant room sized animatronics
returning each year.  There were quite a few "hiccups"  (lack of actors,
no 3d glasses, and props that were not working) when I attended this
year, but I am assuming that is because it was opening weekend.  

Finding the Terror on the Fox should be easy even to the foreigner as
there are huge billboards off the interstate boasting their existence. 
Parking is free and they have a very LARGE selection of souvenirs
available for purchase (including a haunted house night light).  I
purchased a hot cocoa and a LARGE cookie to enjoy while we waited  ...
but since the line was so short, we were asked to toss our beverages
before boarding the train.  Most of the wait is uncovered, so make sure
to dress weather appropriate and wear shoes that may get muddy.  While
you wait there are large projection screens displaying numerous ghoulish
videos to entertain you. 

The train is an old double decker passenger car and visitors can choose
to ride up top or on the main floor.  Smoke and strobe lights fill the
aisles while ghouls appear from beneath and above.  Passengers leave the
depot never to be seen returning.  The train ride lasted about 15
minutes and it takes you along the river, through a woods, and past
several antique train cars.

Once you exit the train, if you purchased a combo pass you are guided to
the entrance of "3rd Dimension of Fear", if you purchased general
admission you will do a brief walk through the woods and head straight
to the main house.  We chose combo and headed for the "3rd Dimension of

The wait was not long and soon we were inside the "3rd Dimension of
Fear".  I'm not certain if they were out of 3d glasses or if they had
not come in yet, but we were not given any 3d glasses.  The fluorescent
paints, props, and costumes looked harmless without the 3d effect.  The
"3rd Dimension of Fear" had a very creepy circus theme, but lack of
actors (only 2) left more to be desired.  If this particular attraction
had been in 3d and had more actors it would have made the extra $7 well
worth it!  The "3rd Dimension of Fear" lasted about 12 minutes.  As soon
as we exited the "3rd Dimension of Fear" we found ourselves entering
the "Void". 

The "Void" is exactly as it sounds ... completely void of anything but
darkness.  You will find yourself walking, arms stretched out, in a maze
of complete darkness.  You may even find yourself trapped and having to
retrace your path to find a way out.  The "Void" took us 9 minutes to
complete.  Once we exited the "Void", there was a brief walk through the
woods up to the main haunt, "Ominous  Sanctum".

Ominous Sanctum is the main attraction and worth far more than the $13 general admission.  The amazingly realistic design make this portion of the haunt seem as if you just stepped foot in to your worst nightmare.  The rooms are laid out perfectly and there is no "down time".  Every actor was right on cue and even when we got close to their face, we couldn't tell what was real and what wasn't.  You can clearly tell that years of hard work have gone into this haunt and it is time well spent!  The entire house took 25 minutes to go through and there wasn't a single repeated room or blank spot on the wall.  Ominous Sanctum definitely puts Terror on the Fox at the top. 

In conclusion, the total time it took us to complete all the attractions collectively was just over an hour.  I would probably skip the extra haunts and head straight to the main event, at $13 you can not find a better bargain for such a well planned house!  Although for an extra $7 if 3rd Dimension of Fear has 3d glasses and more actors I would definitely consider spending the extra money.  15 seasons and Terror on the Fox keeps getting better, I already can't wait to see how much they grow in the next 15 years!

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