Please note: this review is for the 2010 season rather than the current season.

Green Bay Fear Haunted Attractions

by wm (Newbie Review Crew Member) after attending on Saturday, October 2, 2010 at about 3 p.m.

Fun Factor: Very High Fear Factor: High


I attended Fear several years ago when it was just know as the Shawano Manor. I must admit, it didn't do anything for me then. I'm just not a fan of 3D haunts. At the time, that was their claim to fame. This year, they advertise that they have gone back to more of a 'old school' style of haunts. Needless to say, I was very curious!

After you get your wristband, your journey starts out with a stroll along a wooded path. The tiki torches are a nice touch along the path! It creates a lot of shadows, and makes the dark seem that much more dark. There seemed to be only two actors working the woods when we went through. I'm sure this was because it was early in the night. I would hope that normally they would have several more, as there's a lot of opportunities to get some scares in there! Once you're out of the woods you wait in front of the house. If you upgraded to the RIP package, you get to sit by a nice warm fire with some hot chocolate. Not only that, but you receive a high quality T-shirt and there is a live band playing there. They looked a little cold while I was very content by the fire taking it all in. Despite looking cold, they sounded good!

The house itself looks great from the outside. It's very creepy looking as it hovers over you. Once you walk in, you're handed a pair of 3D glasses to put on. I was a little worried at this point. Again, not a fan of 3D. But my fears were scared away quickly enough! The first few actors were VERY impressive, a great little show that helped set the mood. There were many themed rooms, and I was impressed by how many actors they had in each one. Although there were 3D elements throughout the house, they helped enhance the rooms rather than take them over. We had many good scares, I loved it! I did not see one actor break character, they all did a great job!

I admit I was a little bummed out when we walked through a door and it brought us outside. I thought it was over, but to my surprise, there was more! As we started to walk back in another door, I turned around and saw many eyes staring back at me. Only a foot away and very quiet. Following us. Watching us. Now THAT creeped me out! I really do not want to give too much away, or is my memory blocking out the horrors we saw? None the less... we left the house smiling and laughing, thankful we made it out alive!

Signage / Visibility / Location

Fear is very easy to find, with easy access off of Hwy 41 in Green Bay. They have a large, lit sign in their parking lot that you can see as you approach it.

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

There wasn't much of a wait as we went early. As I stated above, if you have the RIP package, you get to wait by a fire and listen to a live band. If you didn’t upgrade, waiting in front of the scary house is a cool experience also!

Actors' Performance

This is where Fear really shines this year. Most of the actors seemed to be of high school age, and their performances were INCREDIBLE. Some had a story to go along with their room, others were just there to scare the crap out of you. Kudos to all the actors involved, I was highly entertained!

Sets Scenes / Props / FX

I was impressed with the details such as the stone pillars before you enter the woods and the front of the house itself. In the rooms where it was light enough to see, I enjoyed looking around and seeing all the work they put into it.


The length is about a half hour. We felt like it was a good length of time and there was plenty going on throughout it.

Crowd Control

When we attended this haunt, there were only a few people waiting to get into the attraction, as it was still early in the night. With that said, there were several times our group 'bumped' into another group. Bumping into another group can make you feel rushed, and can sometimes ruin some good scares if it happens to a group right in front of you. This is really my only concern for this haunt. It's a small issue that can be improved pretty easy.

Most Memorable Moment

Remember how I stated that I’m not much of a fan of the 3D effects? Well… hands down the most memorable moment for me was a room filled with long chains hanging from the ceiling. On these chains were Jason styled hockey masks that were magnified with the 3D effect. Doesn't sound very scary, does it? Trust me, I received a very good scare in this room! Check it out!!!


I'm so happy that I went to Fear this year, it was so much fun! Fear is not just a clever name. The amount of scares that we received will keep it high on our list to visit again!

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