Please note: this review is for the 2010 season rather than the current season.

Terror on the Fox

by majorXpsycho after attending on Friday, October 1, 2010 at about 3 p.m.

Fun Factor: Medium Fear Factor: Medium


Although this was not the opening night for Terror on the Fox, it was a very soft performance because the weather was bad and it is still early in the Haunt season. I was very aware that it would probably be very slow and that it wouldn't be the "best" experience, but I was too excited (rain or shine) not to go! We bought our tickets online at $22/person. You can just do the train ride and main haunt for $14/person.

Terror on the Fox is easy to find as long as you know how to get to Broadway. From there all you have to do is watch for their large flashing sign.

Before you travel the path to the haunt, they have a small "treats" stand with your basic Halloween treats. They also have a gift stand where you can buy several different Halloween related objects (however much smaller than previous years). For those of you with small or weak bladders there are plenty of port a potties at each portion of your journey!

The most redeeming and unique thing about Terror on the Fox is the train ride which will always be the beginning of your adventure. There are no other haunts that offer a haunted train ride and it really is a unique, "must see" experience. The train ride started with a very creditable story line, but there was only our group and another. We didn't see any ghouls until the ride was about ¾ over. The actors did a good job scarring one of our friends twice, but in that situation I think a lot of ankle grabbing could go a LONG way! The smog machine at one point became very overwhelming and we had difficulty breathing.

The 3rd dimension of fear was the first stop for us. Like the website states it looks like a toxic hazard, however I'm wondering if this portion of the haunt was supposed to be in 3-D? Again because of the rain and early season, our first experience inside this portion of the haunt was unprepared actors standing and talking (as was the theme for most of our time in all houses).

The "Void" was exactly how it sounds … nothing but darkness for a very extended period of time. Normally I don't like a lot of darkness, but towards the end when the rooms really start to open up I found myself very nervous. We did not see any "static" or "electricity" so I don't know if that is just a kink that will work its way out? As always it ended with everyone's favorite … the vortex!

Torment Reanimated was the final portion of our journey. From the distance it resembled a scene from Beetle Juice, with ghouls dancing around the top of the mansion with much better costumes, than the dabble of face paint the other ghouls displayed in the other two exhibits. Considering how slow the night was, I have to admit that the dedication of the dancer is OUTSTANDING! I don't know where he gets all that energy, even with a very small crowd. At this point we all thought, it's going to improve dramatically from here on in. While walking in the door you see a series of scenes which flow in similarities and even work from a story board perspective, but the acting this night really haunted this venue. Even though there was only one other group aside from ours we managed to run into them in the haunted house. We tried to slow down, but that just resulted in unprepared actors.

I have attended Terror on the Fox every year for at least 10 years. It is amazing how much it has grown! I like the fact that they continue to expand which helps extend the experience. They also do a GREAT job of getting rid of what isn't scary and keeping what works. You can clearly see that A LOT of time and effort goes into this haunted attraction. I know from previous years that the acting has always been a hit or miss, but typically if you go on a busier night (unlike us) you will have a much better experience. If the 3rd Dimension was in 3-D (I think it was supposed to be) and the Void had more actors and sparks, the potential for this haunt to be on top is very attainable. I will definitely go back later in the season!

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