Please note: this review is for the 2009 season rather than the current season.

House of Bathory (CLOSED)

by x0char0x (Newbie Review Crew Member) after attending on Saturday, October 17, 2009 at about 2 p.m.

Fun Factor: Very High Fear Factor: Very High


House of Bathory is definitely an old school kind of haunt. Unlike most haunts, they don't use animated creatures to scare you. Their actors do an amazing job at scaring you and just leave you wondering what is waiting for you around the next corner. In every scene there is something that will surprise you. Being a smaller haunt, they definitely use their space very well. Every inch is covered in creepy and erie scares. They also touch you in this haunt which I love. Walking through a dark hallway and all of a sudden you feel someone touch your shoulder just sends chills throughout your entire body because you know you aren't alone and who knows what will get you.

Signage / Visibility / Location

The location of this haunt is very easy to find. They have signs all over the windows of the store its located in.

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

The wait area for this haunt is outside. There is an awning over it in case of rain. They also have music playing to listen to while you wait. They also have something new this year where you can buy your ticket and wait at the bar across the street if you are over the age of 21 and when its your turn they call the bar for you to come over.

Actors' Performance

The actors are just absolutely amazing. They know exactly what to do. They are lurking around every corner and you just never know where there will be one.

Sets Scenes / Props / FX

The scenes in this haunt are very unique. This is a haunt that actually puts creativity into everything they do. There are scenes in this haunt I've never seen in any other haunt.


The length of this haunt is about 20 minutes to walk through the entire thing. But every minute of it you are being scared.


Overall, this haunt is definitely the best I have ever seen. I would recommend this is anyone 16 and over.

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