Please note: this review is for the 2009 season rather than the current season.

Terror on the Fox

by natalyaestelle after attending on Friday, October 9, 2009 at about 5:30 p.m.

Fun Factor: High Fear Factor: Low


Terror on the fox...
I attended their haunt 2 years in a row about 4 years ago (2005/2006). I was so dissapointed, I felt as if it was a waste of money...My opinion has changed after giving it another shot this year, here's how it went:

We went on a Friday night we early in the season as hope to get light lines and small waiting periods (so happy we did!). We arrived at about 10:30pm and had no wait at the ticket both. After asking and finding out about a 20minute wait was it, we went for just the combo ticket to see all the houses.

Train Ride: I was very dissapointed. 3 years ago the train ride was one of my favorite parts, this year left me asking if that was it... There seemed to be 3 ghosts haunting the train's 3 cars. If the train ride is roughly 15 minutes, the first five, we rode with just a strobe light. The second five a woman came in and spooked one group of 3 and then she left. The last five I waited wondering if that was it??? In the last two minutes of the ride 2 guys came on the other side of us but were never able to get close because the ride stopped. They also didn't seem to be really into their parts because all I saw them do in the car we were in was walk around and sit near people. Very dissapointed :(

The asylum: VERY good set, VERY good potential, VERY bad timing by the actors. They had a lot of spook spots, but I always saw them before or they missed the scare. I also did know what I was doing in each room. This house seemed to lack a plot. The fortunate thing was they let my group of 3 go together just us. This has a lot of potential and I think it could be better if they continue to develop it throughout the season

THe void: I am afraid of the dark, I was not so scared here. But this was the most fun. Almost pitch black and very hard to navigate through. I do wish that they would have had some lower ceilings and most textures on the wall. Again, this was my favorite part, but they could do so much more! My favorite mention was a guy that looked like death came into one of the strobe behind me and I happened to turn around to look and caught sight on him and he turned and walked back into the dark. It was the spookiest part of the night because I felt like it could have actually been a ghost!
3rd dimension: What in the world is sopposed to be scary other than the one guy that jumps out at you from the wall? Each room was holiday themed and the actor that guided us through I think every room just said "welcome to christmas" "welcome to easter" and some one line after that left me looking at him like...Ok, where's the scary part. They definetly need to work on the thrills in this event. Honerable mention: the girl giving out the glasses were very nice and stayed in character, even when I caught her and told her she said "the void" when she meant "3rd dimension of fear" :)

The main house:
Again we got to go in as a group of 3! woohoo! But, we are rather slow house viewers because we like to checkout the sets and get creeped out rather then just run through. SO the group behind us caught up with us. THere were several hallways they could have done more with, but the were REALLY neat hallways. A spectacular spook jumped out of the kitchen in a way that we brought up his performance several times throughout the night on the way home. There were several characters that I felt like they were extremely inexperienced. I think the biggest dissapointement in this house is the lack of and lack of quality in actors. Actors need to be ready for improv because every group reacts to scary differently. In acting class they teach you to develop a complete background story for your character, age, things that have happened to them etc. The actors seemed to have two emotions. One:crazy sounds and shrills or yelling at us. Their responces were often poorly developed as if in a loss of words and not as if that's what the character would have really said. The 2 biggest improvements were the change of the devil's room. Both years I had previously attended this room was exactly the same. This year it had some changes. Very impressed, but I still think there's a lot more they can do with their "big guy" :). The other part we LOVED was the alien thing near a bridge (don't want to wreck it for other's). But the timing was off, if we hadn't stopped to inspect it we would have missed it's movement. We also had bad timing with the spook in the livingroom. That lady jumped out when we were on the other side of the room not even looking or close to her.

By the way, we left at 11:45 and the lines were short so terror gives you a lot of entertainment time :)


Overall:Definetly fun and worth a stop. Best house around?...maybe not. But I was still quite impressed. I hope that by the end of the season when things get busier, they can have some kinks worked out. My advice is to work with the actors and develop their timing and skills for an improvement ten-fold! Sets were GREAT!!! Ability for this house to get a 5? definetly, but it will take a little work. This house had some five moments and some one moments so I'm going to have to give it a 4 for fun and a 2 for fear (simply because we scared each other more than the ghosts scared us---shows them they have much potential)

Looking foreward to next year!

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