Please note: this review is for the 2006 season rather than the current season.

by katie_kiesow13 after attending on Friday, October 6, 2006 at about 5 p.m.

Fun Factor: High Fear Factor: High


Signage / Visibility / Location

There was only one sign off of Cty P that was not lit up and we actually passed it and had to turn around. Once we were on Mileview Road it was really easy to find. This isn't a haunted house, it's a corn maze. The fact that it's a corn maze in the middle of no-man's land is just creepy and great!

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

The wait time was quite short for us but the wait area was great. We actually waited longer than we had to to go in so we could enjoy the area. They have a bonfire where you can sit and talk and they also have a gift shop, pumpkins for sale, food (including quizno's subs and domino's pizza!). We had a lot of fun waiting even though there were no actors trying to scare us or anything. There are decorations everywhere.

Most Unique

I LOVE that this is a corn maze. It makes it a completely different experience than any house in the area. Being outside in a corn field is so much creepier than being in a haunted house. One of the most unique parts of the maze itself is that they have a mixture of both fake people and real people. There were so many fake animals, monsters, etc. that when you finally got used to seeing the fake ones, a real one would jump out at you and scare you. It took about 45 minutes to walk through the whole thing which was a nice change from a house that only takes sometimes 10 minutes.

Actors' Performance

For the most part, the actors did a good job of scaring us. There were a few that actually knocked me to the ground even... It was completely based on jumping out and hoping the group was scared and screamed. But it was a lot of fun. The last actor in the whole maze was the one who scared me the most!

Appropriate For

14+ (10+ with adult)


There was plenty of parking available in the lot and there were parking attendants to show you where to go.

The actors were really pretty convincing. The only problem I had was that there were long periods of time sometimes where you'd be walking for a while in the maze and there would be no actors, only scenes with several props, that was a little disappointing. But overall the group I was with was very pleased with the maze.

The music they played and the sound effects they used were very appropriate. There were two actors who made the weirdest but greatest noises as we passed by them, one sort of growled in this crazy animal-type voice and another one used this screechy crazy voice. We really enjoyed the two of them a lot.

You should definitely make the trip to West Bend for this corn maze. You won't regret it!

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