Please note: this review is for the 2003 season rather than the current season.

Terror on Rural Street (CLOSED IN 2020)

by cleopatra after attending on Saturday, October 4, 2003 at about 5:30 p.m.

Fun Factor: Medium Fear Factor: Medium


Signage / Visibility / Location

Located right in Hartford, there was construction, but nothing too impossible to get around!

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

They had games, concessions, and a coffin and herse display! There was also a warmer area to sit and wait. We waited about 1 hour and 15 min.


It was about 40 minutes, however, you were held up a lot in certain rooms so they could prepare before you entered the next room.

Actors' Performance

The actors were pretty good, I screamed a lot! Everyone stayed in character, except for one skeleton that decided to dance.

Appropriate For



Was a lot of fun, didn't enjoy the amount of dark hallways you needed to walk through. Also we were forced to go with another group that was pretty rude to the actors and really destroyed the experience! I don't know if it's the cool thing to do, but all the "wise cracks" get pretty annoying.

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