Please note: this review is for the 2018 season rather than the current season.

Hill Has Eyes

by NicoleL after attending on Saturday, October 13, 2018 at about 9 p.m.

Fun Factor: Not fun - I got a rock. Fear Factor: Low


“Come with me… and you’ll see… a world of safety violations…”

What scared us were safety issues. When I sign a waiver, I have an expectation that the operators would still strive to make patron safety a priority. The moment we walked down the hill we had to navigate uneven footing on paths in outdoor haunts and then at “the finale” our safety fears were confirmed when a man 2 lift-chairs in front of us fell off the lift 2/3rds of the way up. (Yes, you read that right. A MAN FELL OFF THE SKI LIFT - at approximately 10:15p.m. on Saturday October 13th – with 5 witnesses). Here is our experience and it’s important to note we did the attraction SOBER:

The waiting area is probably one of the best – excellent DJ, fun eye-candy music videos and signs, a funny hillbilly actor working the waiting crowds, bonfires and 2 bars – one before you buy tickets and one in the tent/waiting area. While a bar is a revenue booster and can make the wait seem shorter for patrons, it’s a bad idea at an attraction with extremely rough paths and a ski-lift.

PATHWAYS: The uneven footing issues were SO BAD it took away from the show. I felt bad for us and the actors - actors were good, but we had to focus attention to watching our step, so we wouldn’t trip.

Everyone is told to turn off cell-phones and I can appreciate that – they ruin haunts. However, when can’t see where you should step because ground is so uneven, and it’s a problem. Majority of the time in outdoor haunts we could not figure out our footing – were we walking on stairs or a ramp? Some stairs on paths were deep/wide and the next one was short/narrow. Some stairs were packed with hay so much, it felt like a ramp and you couldn’t tell where the stair was. My friend’s son rolled is ankle. I fell forward onto my husband twice because I didn’t see the stair down within a haunt.

SHOCK PADS: Not a safety issue but not fun either. I walked into something that felt like I was smacked in the cheek and upper right bicep at the same time. This morning my upper arm is sore like I had a tetanus shot.

SKI LIFT: Lighting is very poor getting on to the ski lift. If there is a “speed control” they need to slow that b***ch down! It was so dark we didn’t even see (nor did the staff member remind) to pull the safety bar down. We aren’t ski-iers. There was some signage getting on but we didn't have time to read - plus it was dark and it was evident they were pushing as many through as fast as they could - it was a crowded. Then 2/3rds of the way up our chair suddenly starts bouncing up and down – at the same time we see a guy in a gray hoodie fall with a loud THUMP.

His girlfriend told the operator at the top and he didn’t seem to believe her until my friend’s son disembarked and yelled at them they needed to go down and get the guy. They then shut the lift down (we were still hanging there next in line to get off) and saw the whole scene from above I was disturbed by the lack of urgency by staff and the lack of flashlights. Luckily the man fell in a way where he was ok – I’m sure he’s hurting today. It could have ended tragically if he landed wrong on his neck or head.

The ski lift entry/exit points NEEDS TO BE WELL LIT.
SAFETY BARS NEED TO BE PUT DOWN or people must be told to pull them down.

They were trying to move so many people through that it was a problem - it was rushed and lacked safeguards.

I’ve visited many haunts, but never have I felt unsafe or feared injury. It’s sad because I know there are good people involved in this attraction, and actors are working hard, but blatant safety concerns overshadow the entire show.

Signing a waiver should not be a pass for management to lax on the safety of patrons.


Safety issues combined with alcohol overshadows hard working actors. Most disturbing: Witnessed a man fall 2/3rd the way up the ski-lift.

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