Please note: this review is for the 2016 season rather than the current season.

Camp Tapawingo Haunted Voyage

by Judahlicious after attending on Friday, October 14, 2016 at about 7:30 p.m.

Fun Factor: Medium Fear Factor: Low


I attended the haunted house with me 12 year old son what's absolutely loves Halloween he's always looking for that next scare he tells me all the time I can't wait for Halloween to come I have took him to numerous haunted houses this October already we drove two and a half hours to come check out this haunted house I myself was not amused with the action the really considering that we paid $14 a person to come in was a little bit high for the haunt experience that we got it look like there was two kids that were dressed as clowns just walking around really weren't funny really didn't say anything to us is there was a guy by a building that was laying on the ground that we did not think was a real caught us off-guard he knew exactly what he was doing I don't like the whole experience that was like the best part of the haunt my son absolutely loved it this is why we drove two and a half hours to get that kind of experience was kind of let down by the other experiences that we had throughout the haunt the building that he was by was built really good the music was good he caught us off-guard again inside of the building and then after we left the building there was a guy that was outside with a chainsaw that chased us which was something that we were not expecting I really think that they were slacking on the scare Factor plus the lack of characters throughout the hole thing the guy that scared us I would give him a 5 stars Radian we hope to come back next year if they're there hopefully it's a lot better with more people


The scare Factor was there at some parts mostly by the rock music was really upset with driving to and a half hours for the experience that we did have the best part of the hunt was the guy that caught us off-guard in the person with a chainsaw

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