Please note: this review is for the 2016 season rather than the current season.

Scare USA 2022

by PaigeBerrier (Junior Review Crew Member) after attending on Tuesday, October 11, 2016 at about 9:30 p.m.

Fun Factor: High Fear Factor: High


I visited Scare USA in a group of 4 on a Saturday night at 9:30. They had very visible signs and a lot of open parking with someone directing traffic. This haunt is cash only, but is located right next to a bar with an ATM. This was also the first haunt where I was asked to remove my bag (a bag I use specially for haunts or festivals, as it hugs very close to the body). However, once I was inside, I immediately understood why, at this was one of the most narrow haunts I have been to!

Although it definitely added to feelings of anxiety (and therefore, it’s scariness) I would not advise Scare USA for anyone with extreme claustrophobia or those who are a bit heavier – I myself am a plus-sized woman and I was squeezing through some areas. For those who don’t mind, though, the tight corridors and corners will only add to the feeling of apprehension that Scare USA created. With great timing and a willingness to be close, their actors also gave it their all, and even those just standing in the way had to be edged around, sometimes covering or guiding us to hidden exits and doors. They definitely took advantage of all of their space, using the halls and lights to truly disorientate. They also covered all the senses with their scares – there were a lot of vivid, gross smells and elements that almost “fell” onto us.

It was also a fairly long haunt; about 30 minutes or so. We had almost no wait on a Saturday night and it was very reasonably priced. We also enjoyed visiting the bar/restaurant located next door to the haunt afterwards!

Signage / Visibility / Location

Very easy to find, with guided parking. Also located next to a friendly bar/restaurant.

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

Not a lot of entertainment but it was a very short wait, with not many people on a Saturday evening. They had a clean bathroom as well!

Actors' Performance

I appreciated that these actors really got in your face with their scary masks and makeup, and they had great timing on all the jump scares. They built a lot of anticipation up with darkness, coming in at the right moment to really startle you. I also appreciated edging around them in the tight space – it was really uncomfortable and you wondered if they would, at any moment, move.

Sets Scenes / Props / FX

As I said before, the hallways were very narrow, taking advantage of a lot of space and adding to a feeling of claustrophobia. Some areas were open so we could glimpse actors we had seen, or would see. They also used elements like spraying water and very distinct smells to create a multi-sensory experience. This haunt didn’t need a lot of props with its maze-like structure and smart use of lighting.


Fairly long, especially for the size of the building; 30 minutes or so

Crowd Control

No need, but they had staff waiting and directing people

Most Memorable Moment

Animal masks; strobe lights; extremely skinny hallways and turns so tight you could not go in straight!


A surprisingly long but very narrow haunt that uses tight spaces, smart lights, great acting and strange smells to scare and surprise the attendee.

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