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Burial Chamber Haunted House Complex

by scareseeker after attending on Friday, October 24, 2014 at about 9 p.m.

Fun Factor: Very High Fear Factor: Very High


Last night, four of my friends and I drove the 1.5 hour drive from Milwaukee to Neenah to visit the Burial Chamber Haunted House Complex. For years I had been looking on the Haunted Wisconsin website and eying this event (the reviews, videos, and photos looked great!), but the distance was always a bit of an issue. All that I can say now is that I am so happy that we made the trip!

Let me first say that I am an avid horror fan--I watch scary movies year-round and always visit one or two haunted houses each year. Basically, it takes a lot to scare me or to put me on edge. My four friends and I (we are all between 18 and 21 years old) are really hard to impress when it comes to haunted houses; we've been to many throughout southeastern Wisconsin, so we can tell which ones are good and worth the money...and which ones are not. I can say without a doubt that the Burial Chamber is amazing and that it is hands-down the best haunted house that I've ever been to!!!

When we got off the freeway, we saw the Burial Chamber right away because of the large spotlights that were being shone in the sky. There was plenty of parking right in front of the haunted house, even on a busy Friday night. We waited in line to buy our tickets (the line moved at a good pace), and the five of us all bought the $40 VIP fast pass (instead of the normal $30 pass). Those extra ten dollars were well-spent, and we were able to skip right to the front of the line for all three haunted houses! I am convinced that it saved us several hours of standing in line, and I highly recommend that anyone who visits the Burial Chamber buys the fast pass. All of us agreed that it was definitely worth the money, and we were really surprised that so few people actually took advantage of buying the pass. (The haunt was a good value overall--realistically, without the fast pass, each house was $10, and with the pass, each house was about $13). For those who did wait in lines, there were a couple large TV screens showing weird Halloween-type videos. There were also line actors that did a great job of startling us, even though we weren't standing in line.

Everything was very organized and seemed to run very smoothly. There was one thing that I thought would be an issue for me--groups of about ten people were sent through the house at a time. Normally I would say "that's way too many! Only the people in front are going to get scared!" However, this was NOT the case. Actors did an extremely effective job of targeting people in the front, middle, and back of the line. Also, the corridors for the Adrenaline and Insanity haunted houses were quite narrow and had a lot of turns and other obstructions, so there was always a surprise no matter where you were standing in line. (I went to a "haunted woods" once that was literally a train of people walking, and that was not surprising or scary at all because you clearly saw what was coming--thankfully, this does NOT describe the experience of the Burial Chamber at all!).

All three of the haunted houses were great and really unique! Adrenaline made me jump a lot with loud noises and actors that came out of unexpected places. Insanity was really unnerving and had a lot of unique rooms and different types of terrain to walk on, which put me on edge (not to mention clowns, which one of my friends is terrified of). Phobia was a haunted woods with a really creepy atmosphere and with actors that came at you from literally all angles. Overall, all three of the haunted houses were very long, well over 20 minutes per house!

(On a side note: one of my friends lost her phone in the first haunted house, but the workers at the Burial Chamber were very helpful, found it almost immediately, and returned it to us right away.)


I would highly recommend this Burial Chamber to anyone looking for a good haunt this Halloween season! It was the most fun that I've ever had at a haunted house, and the VIP fast pass is definitely the way to go.

Great haunt! Great actors! Great scares!
Well done Burial Chamber!

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