Please note: this review is for the 2014 season rather than the current season.

ANARCHY, presented by the Wisconsin Fear Grounds

by btweezy414 after attending on Saturday, October 4, 2014 at about 7 p.m.

Fun Factor: Very High Fear Factor: Very High


I probably lost track of how many years in a row that I have attended the Wisconsin Fear Grounds but this year I made the trip earlier than usual. Myself along with a large group of friends really enjoyed the 3 houses they have. As always the first haunted house Morgan Manor was every focused on the actors and details as I would have thought. CarnEvil of Torment was good, but clowns dont scare mea great deal. For someone scared of clowns or circus freaks I can imagine this being very scary. The 3rd hosue was called BlackOut and they made us put a HOOD over our heads to go in it. What to talk about freaky! After we got the ladies settled down, we joined through this house which seeemed like a lifetime. I woudl say more but dont want to spoil the surprises for others.


If I can find more friends, I will be back at the Wisconsin Fear Gorunds again this season. If you love hautned houses they will not let you down!

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