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Burial Chamber Haunted House Complex

by MajorXpsycho (Newbie Review Crew Member) after attending on Saturday, October 12, 2013 at about 3:30 p.m.

Fun Factor: Medium Fear Factor: High


When you arrive at the Burial Chamber Haunted Complex, it doesn’t take long to realize that this attraction is clearly the most popular haunted attraction in North Eastern Wisconsin.  If you are looking for a guaranteed good time with lots of scares, then you must go to the Burial Chamber Haunted Complex. 

Parking was difficult as the lots were full of fellow “victims” and we were forced to park 4 blocks away.  The overfull lots may be seen as a negative, but in reality, they are just THAT GOOD.  The Burial Chamber Haunted Complex is the largest haunted attraction in Wisconsin and is home to over 125 of the best hand selected actors.  Aside from the main attractions, the Burial Chamber offers a large venue of meals, drinks and souvenirs.  You will have a selection that ranges from “boxers” (for those unlucky ones that may soil theirs) to amazing warm sugar coated donuts.  They wait is outside, so be cautious of rain and expect very long lines due to the popularity.  If you can afford it, I highly recommend a fast pass, it is only $2 more at $30 for three of four attractions and you can skip the long wait. 

There are 4 attractions at the Burial Chamber Haunted Complex and I will go over each separately as they are so different that they require separate reviews.  

Insanity was the first attraction that we entered.  The outside is very professionally done and the ghouls in line make you contemplate if it is possible that what you are about to experience could get any more frightening.  Crowd control inside of the house is very well maintained and you never have to worry about running into another group (unless of course someone from the group ahead of you is running back trying to get out, which did happen in this house).  Insanity is meant to make you doubt yourself and your surroundings.  The actors have no fear and they are certain to put the fear in you.  Hallways will shrink, floors will become unstable, ceilings may drop and your senses will be put to the test.  There is not an inch of this haunt that goes without a single intricate detail.  There are very few animatronics and the house is loaded with some of the best actors.  The animatronics that are in place will have you grasping the wall in order to escape.  The total time through this house was 24 minutes, but it felt more like a mind twisting hour!  If you prefer a haunt that is distinctively mind blowing, then Insanity is the haunt you must visit.

Phobia was the second haunted attraction that we visited.  Phobia is a haunted walk through a very dimly lit woods with several scenes and props professionally placed along the trail.  You must hold tight to those you are with or one of the actors will cease any moment they have to attack.  Phobia is loaded with great actors and has some of the very best of all four attractions.  You can smell the gas from chainsaws as they just barely graze past your limbs.  Phobia this year reminded me of a mix between the classic horror movie “Deliverance” and “Fargo”.  The total trail time was 19 minutes.  I am typically not a fan of haunted woods, but Phobia was so professionally done that I would recommend it as one of the best attractions at the Burial Chamber Haunted Complex.

Adrenaline was the last attraction at the Burial Chamber that we experienced.  After the mind blowing and heart thumping abuse we took from Phobia and Insanity, it is amazing none of us ended up in the ER after facing Adrenaline.  From start to finish, Adrenaline is in your face (literally) nonstop.  You must be certain to wear good shoes as you are guaranteed to jump several times.  I have won many bets taking individuals through Adrenaline as everyone is guaranteed to jump or shriek.  Even your toughest Army vets are sure to gasp and dodge.  The actors do not say much, but they don’t have to because their only jobs are to make sure you are fearing for your life and that you are still alive.  By the time you make it to the end, you will need to stop and use the facilities immediately.  The total haunt took 25 minutes, but at a heart racing pace it can feel like hours.  Imagine skydiving without a parachute … I would imagine that the feeling you have 10 seconds before you hit the ground is similar to what you will experience in Adrenaline.  If you prefer a haunt that offers surprises and in your face scares, then do not miss Adrenaline and make sure to bring friends as it is funny if you make it out ok. 

We did not experience the burial simulator this year, but I have tackled it in the past.  It is a once in a lifetime experience, and it is the only time in your life that you will make it out of a coffin alive. 


In summary, The Burial Chamber Haunted Complex is one of the most popular haunted attractions.  I look forward to bringing new individuals every year and I have never had an unsatisfied individual.  The price may be high and the wait may be long, but when you consider the quality and the quantity you really cannot afford to miss this attraction.

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