Please note: this review is for the 2013 season rather than the current season.

Haunted High Presents: Terror @ 212

by dubstyle_2k (Newbie Review Crew Member) after attending on Saturday, October 5, 2013 at about 2:30 p.m.

Fun Factor: Very High Fear Factor: Very High


From the ashes, Haunted High returns!  This year, it takes the form of Terror @ 212.  New location, new haunted fun!  When I found out that last October was going to be the final Halloween season for Haunted High, I must admit, I was crushed.  Haunted High had everything going for them, great staff, awesome volunteers, and a dream location, a closed down high school.  But like all good things, it had to come to an end, and the land the school sat on was sold.  So going into this season, I was excited to hear that the folks who brought us Haunted High were back, with a new venue, and a new theme. 

Not being from the area, I naturally drove right past the place, even though it is plenty lit up, and there are two large signs letting you know that it was
here!  Once there, we entered the waiting area, which, fortunately for us because it was raining, was a giant heated tent.  A few concessions were
available, most noticeably a stand selling some of those delicious roasted, sugary nuts.  Once we bought our tickets, we were directed to the corrals,
where we waited to enter the haunt.  I must admit I was a little let down that the waiting area wasn't as entertaining as Haunted High was in the
past.  A few ghouls roamed around, and a very crowd friendly Jason came through with a chainsaw, but Haunted High had that really cool warped gym
floor, and would project horror movie trailers on the wall.  I did learn, however, that the projector would return, but because of the rainy weather,
they didn't want to risk it. 

The haunt itself was amazing.  Because the new location is roughly 1/10th the size of the school, they were forced to hit hard you from start to finish,
with little down time, something the school location couldn't offer because its enormous.  This theme heavy haunt relies heavily on throwing off your
equilibrium, and challenging your senses.  From pitch darkness, to blinding lights, to smoky haze, and from complete silence, to deafening sound,
you may not know which way is up.

Terror @ 212 is split up by themes.  Jungle, carnival, and industrial are just a few of the spooky areas you will visit at 212.  The detail that the
workers put into the sets and props are what sets 212 apart from the other haunts.  I naturally take my time and try to pay attention to details, and
boy am I glad I did.  Do yourself a favor, soak it all in, this place is professional!  Sets and detail are great, but they are nothing without
good actors, and 212 has some of the best.  One of the advantages to having a smaller space is the ability to be more selective when it comes to
hiring talent.  You can tell 212 hired the best of the best.  All of the actors I encountered were dedicated to making you jump! 

I think it's fitting to give Terror @ 212 a letter grade, since after all, it is put on by the folks who brought us Haunted High, and all of the proceeds go
to the Oconomowoc Public Education Foundation.  I give Terror @ 212 a solid A+!  Bravo Terror @ 212, you made the best of a crummy situation and hit it out of the park.  If you are looking for the best fright in the area, look no further than Terror @ 212! 

Signage / Visibility / Location

Aside from my inability to see a giant lit up sign that says "Terror @ 212," it's very visible.  Because I am not a native Oconomowocian (thanks for nothing on that one google, I just have to assume that's correct) I was mesmerized by the lights of downtown, just keep your eyes peeled and you'll find it no problem

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

The wait area was nothing to write home about.  Once they get that projector going, it will be a lot more entertaining.  A few more ghouls roaming the grounds would have been nice, but in all, not a bad wait.

Actors' Performance

Top notch!  Like I stated above, the actors are the best of the best.  Terror @ 212 is able to select actors that are dedicated and love doing this. 

Sets Scenes / Props / FX

Detail detail detail!  The staff at Terror @ 212 and amazing, they seem to have this down to a science.  Stunning detail in the sets and props are what make 212 the best in the area


In all, we were in and out, door to door, in about 17 minutes.  Now that may not seem like a long time, but believe me, it seemed like a lot longer.  This is because they pack a ton into that 17 minutes.  it's a nonstop barrage on your senses!

Crowd Control

The crowd was controlled the whole time.  There isn't much room for rowdy crowds because they have a great system for getting you in and out.

Most Memorable Moment

I'd have to say, the two clown girls at the end of the circus area were my favorite.  They really messed with us good!  Nice job!


Continuing the tradition of Haunted High should have been a tough task for the staff of Terror @ 212 to accomplish, but they did it!  From an amazing behind the scenes staff, to the frightening themes, and amazing actors, Terror @ 212 is, dollar for dollar, the best haunt in Southeastern Wisconsin.  Haunted High was, for the last few years, my favorite haunt, and now Terror @ 212 is in line to take the title this year!  If you're looking to go to one haunt this Halloween season, Look no further than Terror @ 212!

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