Please note: this review is for the 2012 season rather than the current season.

The Hill Has Eyes

by apd2012 after attending on Friday, September 28, 2012 at about 2 p.m.

Fun Factor: Low Fear Factor: Low


I went to this haunted Attraction on there first day of operation ever. Got there at 07:30pm on September 28th,2012. i went with 9 other people we all drove from Illinois. I plan a big Haunted House Trip Every year and this year since this was a new attraction wanted to check it out. when we got there it was hard to see the sign the only way i found it was my GPS and a big frankenstin on the side of the rode wsaying the hills have eyes open today. you have to drive on this creepy back road which is awsome, saw this i thought this was going to be a very creepy haunt, cause its set at a old Ski Hill, no lights in the parking lot very awsome atmosphere for a haunt.

To get your tickets and go to the attraction you had to go down this steep hill like a quarry, when you get closer to the tickt both, its get more of a creepy feeling atmosphere quiet cool creepy night. and they made you sign a waiver which i thought was interested thinking they could touch you the actors would be a more interested haunt but it was jus tin case you trip or hurt yourself on the trail you cant sure

alright we walked past a old set up of a junkyard heading into the first haunt, had to split us up 4 and 5, my group went in first went wth a bunch of people who get scared of haunted houses, when we finally got into the first attraction that when it went down hill. as soon as we walked in there was these two actresses in white dresses, played there parts well wasnt scary they were just fighting who is going to take this gorup then they went back into the spot, next scene was a semi truck, we didnt even reach the truck and this guys says "BOO" really not just tha tpopped out way to soon and had a masked got into one of the girl faces in my group saying boo and rawr, from from there i didnt see no other actors or actresses in rest of trail there were a few scenes but with no actors, u here them talking in the would regular voice, but it was more of a nature walk in the dark then a haunt, the trees were so close to the trail you could of planted so many actors i def would of got scared but no actors until a neaon light area but he just stood there and did nothing, first attraction 2 actors through out the whole trail.

when we got out of the attraction was approached by a staff memeber asking our gorup if we liked it i said there were absolutly no actors anywhere in the attraction just the two when you eneter and one behind the truck that it, he said they were a dozen or more actors in there but mus tof not been in there spot very disappointing.Hoping the next set of attraction was better.

next scene hungery hollow i think it was names, this was alittle better, few good scares and more actors in ther espot, a guy dressed up as hell raiser in the tree awsoem effect, and one acotr got me he was hiding between a to tree stumps in the dark and jump that got me,.

next scare lift, nice 10 min lif up a ski hill great view, when you ge tto the top, there one more attraction underneath a white tent and seriouse the acotrs in there where horrible talkign to each other saying ill scare them over here, and when them come avfte ryou they said rawr and boo and chased you with a battery chainsaw you buy at Sprit halloween,


Overall, i was very very disappointed with this haunt, they advistise is as being very creepy and in a middle of a quarry and its haunted trial cool night should if been creepier, but absolutly no actors prob no joke out of all three attractions i seriously only say 10 actors maybe even that 3 in the first 5 in the 2nd and 2 in the last, if they had more acotrs this haunt would be BADD ass since it is in a crepy wooded area, and ACTORS Really "BOO" AND "rawr". not scary at all, this place needs alot of work and need actors to stay in spots caus eyou can here thme talking and walking aroudn in the woods but not jumping out. DEF not woth 23.00 and def will not return

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Oct. 3, 2012, 12:16 p.m.

Yeah I noticed the clumping of miscellaneous actors too.

I wonder if this is a case of friends hanging out together in between groups rather than staying at their assigned posts.


April 22nd, 2024 7:51 a.m. CDT 24.01