Please note: this review is for the 2011 season rather than the current season.

Wisconsin Feargrounds

by DarkWolf1088 (Newbie Review Crew Member) after attending on Friday, October 7, 2011 at about 5 p.m.

Fun Factor: Very High Fear Factor: High


Welcome to Wisconsin Feargrounds were all your nightmares come true. From ghoulish beasts, to crazy hillbillies, this haunt has it all. Wisconsin Feargrounds has consistently remained one of America's and Wisconsin's top haunted attractions. I now can see why.

This was actually my first year at this haunt and I was excited from the get-go. Although this haunt may appear over the top a lot of time and energy went into throwing you into a very twisted and dark world. I was incredibly impressed by the scenes, props, and special effects. Even if you "don't get scared" this is a haunt just to check out for incredible attention to detail, fun obstacles, traps, and passageways.

What is also amazing are this haunt's prices. When some single haunts are charging 15 to 20 dollars for entry, Wisconsin Feargrounds has 3 (yes three) haunted houses available for only 30 dollars. That is surprising in and of itself without even being inside the houses yet. Being able to walk through a different world, while being scared by professionals...that is what I call a deal.

Now on to the nitty gritty. How were the haunted houses? Well let's break them down.

Morgan Manor

This is your "classic" haunt. Morgan Manor leads you through a once proud mansion that has now been corrupted by evil. Morgan Manor uses some of the classic haunted house tricks and scares. All the actors were top notch and stayed in character throughout. This house was fun and the scenes were absolutely amazing, detailed, and realistic. If this is the only house you do it will still be a fun night.

Morgana's Torment

I'll be honest I did not know what this house was. This house is full of obstacles. From pitch black corridors, to walls that squeeze you tight, to disorienting lighting effects, I never knew where I was. I only knew I had to keep going forward. The actors use this confusing labyrinth to their advantage and made some great scares. Just the mere fact of being "lost" and constantly turned around is enough to frighten some people. Morgana's Torment is quite simply a really twisted version of a fun house.


I don't know what was scarier in this haunt. The crazed hillbilly farm hands running around or some of the aromas that I smelled inside of Unstable. Again the attention to detail by this haunt operator is shown quite well. There is no question that you are in a stable from sight AND smell. This winding and twisting haunt provides for some really good scares especially as, you alone, try to figure out what is just an empty stable and what is the actual path through the barn. This haunt was fun, and the actors really put there all into forming a world right out of a horror film. A word of advice...hold you nose at Unstable's hillbilly restroom and, oh yes, give Bezel my regards.

Actors' Performance

5 out of 5. There were times that I wish the actor would of not just talked to me but was rather lying in wait to scare me, but from the actors that talk to the actors that scare, this haunted house will feel as real as it gets.


If you are looking for a full night of scares, for a great price, Wisconsin Feargrounds is the place to go. Everything is done professionally and, even if you don't get scared, you will be impressed by this haunt.

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