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Elements of Fear

by DarkWolf1088 (Newbie Review Crew Member) after attending on Friday, October 22, 2010 at about 3 p.m.

Fun Factor: Low Fear Factor: Low


I'll be upfront. This is not the type of haunt for those that really seek to be scared. It appears that the haunt was more focused on younger viewers or those that want an entertainment only haunt. To sum it up in one word, it was, simple. This is not an entirely bad thing, however. It provided a few effects that I actually have not seen in a long time. As a whole, though, the haunt left a lot to be desired.

When my father and I arrived at the haunt we were required to take a number and wait in a small room that left little in ways of entertainment. The idea of taking a number would not have been so bad if there actually appeared that there was a line.

When we were finally called we had another wait outside the doors to the haunt. One time I actually entered early as the actors were re-setting due to the lack of instruction. After we were finally admitted we were quickly whisked away to a room where they had a séance (I was able to really "take in the first scene".) The whole experience of the séance would have been a lot more enjoyable if I had not heard all the actors talking and coughing in the background.

This interference was so bad that the actor who was doing the séance was required to improvise with "what the spirits were saying." I will say, however, that I saw some neat effects in the room but they just could not make me forget about the interference.

From there we were moved out of the room by the unrested spirits and through the rest of the haunt. Again some pretty cool effects but a lot was left to be desired. Decorations, and scenes were minimal. Further as we walked along I caught several actors that were late in their scares or that were not ready.

All in all it was an interesting haunt and for a charitable purpose had a good cause and provided a, however short, form of Halloween entertainment.

Signage / Visibility / Location

The visibility was not an issue. The haunt has a large marquee sign with flashing lights that directs you into their parking lot. It took awhile to find the signs that directed us to the ticket booth but once we did it was easy to find out where to go. A word of caution...the sign comes up fast and you are driving on a thoroughfare so watch for that sign and gradually slow down.

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

Both wait areas...the one adjacent to the ticket booth and the one right outside the haunt's doors provided little in the form of entertainment. The one near the ticket booth only provided refreshments and snacks and a showing of the movie "The Sixth Sense". Outside the haunt doors all you have is a list of rules to read and nothing else. Again (so you do not make the same mistake I did) wait at the front doors of the old church until you are called. In the end the wait time was much longer than the actual haunt itself so be prepared for that.

Actors' Performance

For actors who are volunteering their time, the performance of the actors' was okay. I would have liked to hear less chatting from behind the scenes and more scares (by actors) that did not rely on screaming but with volunteers this is understandable. The actors' performance was still enjoyable though, especially those that were working in the "medical wing" of the haunt.

Sets Scenes / Props / FX

The sets and scenes were definitely minimal. I saw little in the way of setting a scene. In most parts of the haunt I could still see the floor and walls of the recreational center we were in. This minor detail, however, was overshadowed by the simple yet cool effects the haunt used. The type of effects used, such as a rocking chair that rocks by itself, were old school but still so awesome. I have to say that I have missed those type of effects as haunted attractions have become more technologically advanced. Bravo to this haunt for using those effects and using them well. Go and check them out. You will probably enjoy them as well.


Unfortunately the length was disappointing. About 5-8 minutes in length. Even if you wanted to slow down to take in the sets or get that extra actor to pop out at you, you would not have been able to as the actors prevented you from doing so. Even when I thought there was more I was disappointed to find out the door I had opened was an employee access path and the door next to it was the exit. I would have really liked to seen more.

Crowd Control

With the separate waiting areas, the number cards, and the walk to and from each area crowd control was good. I never saw a long line waiting or people pushing their way through.

Most Memorable Moment

Although I do not like giving scares away this time I got to. It appears that this haunt actually uses "plants". The first haunt I have EVER been to that does so. What I mean is that they put an actor or actors with your group who are subsequently, later, pulled away by the monsters and freaks. I thought this was awesome and I wish more haunts would do something like this. Definitely a big thumbs up to this haunt for doing this.


In the end, Elements of Fear, was a short form of Halloween entertainment. For a charitable haunt, I can tell they definitely tried their best. So if you are interested in a quick "haunt jaunt" and seeing some old school effects I would highly suggest checking this place out.

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