Please note: this review is for the 2010 season rather than the current season.

Hubertus House of Horror

by HocusPocus (Newbie Review Crew Member) after attending on Friday, October 8, 2010 at about 3 p.m.

Fun Factor: High Fear Factor: High


Okay...I usually don't start my reviews by raving about one of the rooms but I'm finding it nearly impossible to contain my enthusiasm. Without a doubt, this year's edition of the Hubertus House features one of the coolest new special effects I've seen in years! For me it not only stimulated my visual senses but it also shocked my sense of touch/feel. You could say it blew my mind....but of course I won't give it away. If you're a freight fanatic who loves to be technically freaked out you'll want to check this one out.

If there were a Granddaddy of Haunted Houses this one would probably be it. The Hubertus House of Horror has been coming back year after year for as long as I can remember. (what is it, 15, 20 years now?) The venue has always remained the same...a creepy lone standing house in what feels like the middle of nowhere. But if you attended this haunt last year and are worried about finding the same experience, don't be. Many of the rooms have been redone since last year with a some new effects to go along with a few of the best sets from last year.

In addition to the special effect I alluded to above I also particularly enjoyed this year's 3D experience. While many of the rooms in this year's Hubertus House may not have been particularly scary the special effects and their ability to stimulate all your senses make for a very unique and enjoyable experience.

As you may have noticed I didn't give this haunt top marks in either the fun factor or scare factor. None of these were deal breakers for me and I still strongly recommended this haunt for everyone. My rational behind the imperfect scores are based on the following:

* Group size of 8. We weren't given a choice in this matter. While I understand why they group so many people together it definitely distracts from your fun when you're stuck in the back as the scare is often times spoiled by the time you enter a room. Also, in a few of the rooms it was challenging to see/feel/hear the action that was taking place. ...this isn't the only haunt that tries to push as many people through as possible with each group. I often wonder, though, if the time spent cramming a large group through each room could be saved with a smaller group that can move through rooms easier.

* There are definitely sets that appear geared to provide a few scares...but for some reason our group found them to be more entertaining than scary. Not sure why. Perhaps due to set execution or perhaps due to the actors expecting a younger group?

Signage / Visibility / Location

This may not be the easiest haunt to find but if you're on the right road you really can't miss it. Also, if you come across a mass of parked cars in what feels like the middle of nowhere you've probably found the right place.

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

One of the best wait areas around! The Hubertus House leverages a school gymnasium to keep you warm, well fed and entertained while you wait. The concession stand was well stocked with sweets, popcorn, drinks and even burgers. Costumed actors also popped in occasionally to heighten your anticipation of what was to come.

Actors' Performance

A good mix of adult and young actors delivered solid performances. None of them totally freaked me out but they were still very entertaining. A few of them were good at adlibbing and allowed you to interact with them.

Sets Scenes / Props / FX

Of all the haunts I've been to so far this year (5) this one featured some of the best special effects....not to mention the best new effect I've seen in years! This haunt almost stimulates all your 5 senses: sight, sound, smell, touch and almost taste. If you enjoy Vortex rooms you'll want to check this one out. Quite a few haunts feature Vortex rooms...I'd rank the Hubertus House Vortex Room at the top of the list.


Approximately 15-20 minutes. For the second straight year I was so disorientated after the Vortex I completely forgot to stop my watch until I had regained my balance in the parking lot.

Crowd Control

No problems with crowds this year. We purchased tickets earlier in the evening and then came back after checking out a few of the other haunts in the area. We were allowed to jump in line immediately as our ticket numbers had already been called.

Most Memorable Moment

Without a doubt the new mind blowing special effect...sorry, won't give it away though.


The granddaddy of haunted houses. Perhaps not the scariest haunted house around but a very solid performer year after year. Creative new sets and outstanding special effects make this an excellent haunt to attend.

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