Please note: this review is for the 2010 season rather than the current season.

Mars Haunted House - CLOSED-

by HocusPocus (Newbie Review Crew Member) after attending on Friday, October 1, 2010 at about 3 p.m.

Fun Factor: Very High Fear Factor: Very High


This haunt has undergone nearly a complete transformation for 2010! The location has remained the same, a haunted hearse continues to be parked directly in front of the entrance and a few familiar fiends can be found roaming around outside and inside this haunt. Beyond that the horrific experience that lurks within this haunt has been completely redone.

Traditionally I have declared this attraction to be Milwaukee's Scariest haunt. This year's edition of the Mars Haunted House once again makes a really strong case to continue as the area's top attraction. If you've enjoyed Mars in the past you certainly won't be disappointed this year. If you haven't, the new sets and techno-scares that have been added this year are definitely worth checking out.

If you're looking to totally immerse yourself into a nightmarishly good time, look no further. This year's Mars Haunted House offers an even more interactive experience than in the past. Sets and passage ways are elaborately decorated with a keen attention to detail to provide ample visual stimulation. Encounters with ghouls seeking not only to scare the bajeebus out of you but also to creep you out make for both a bloodcurdling and chilling experience.

If you're into evaluating haunts with your senses you might find this helpful:

* Sight: Elaborate sets with great attention to detail. Lighting and special effects were frequently used to surprise me even though I was expecting it.

*Sound: Superb! The sound experience allowed me to become totally immersed in many of the rooms….especially immediately upon entering this haunt!

* Smell: Believe it or not I think there were sets that intentionally smelled a little musty (like BO or perfume) to compliment the scene. Interesting thought...if Barn yard Bob is chasing you around with an ax why shouldn't he smell like one?

* Touch: Nothing special on this front...although there are haunts that venture into this realm.

Signage / Visibility / Location

If the hearse parked by the front door and the elaborately dressed ghouls meandering along the sidewalk don't catch your attention you may be dead already...but if you're not you probably wouldn't be the first person to drive past the site.

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

Be on the watch for Violator! Words won't do justice for this ghoul…but trust me, when you encounter Violator you'll know it! Also, if you happen to encounter Stitches try not to make him laugh…you won't be able to get the experience out of your head…

In summary, elaborately dressed ghouls interact with you to heighten your anticipation while you wait to enter. The waiting line is all dressing for the weather may be a good idea if you're attending during peak haunting hours.

Actors' Performance

Solid! Some hilariously funny, others ghastly scary. (I'd love to name a few of the characters that were portrayed but I find the element of surprise to be priceless...go and check it out for yourself!)

Sets Scenes / Props / FX

Definitely worth checking out! With the total immersion and interaction with the actors and sound in each room it's very easy to miss some of the attention to detail found in each room....but there are plenty of outstanding effects to keep you visually entertained if the acting isn't grabbing 100% of your attention.

At the risk of giving away one of the best effects found at this haunt I will offer only two words…”Laser Vortex”. Check it out!


12-15 minutes. I actually went through this haunt twice. Duration is dependent upon the amount of interaction you have with the ghouls and the time you spend admiring the attention to detail found on the sets and passage ways.

Crowd Control

Waiting line is clearly roped off and patrolled frequently by ghouls.

Most Memorable Moment

SPOILER ALERT! ...reading this section will definitely give away one of the surprises of this year’s haunt…

Challenging to pick just one “moment”…noteworthy is the opening passage way experience that really gets this haunt rocking.

Without a doubt though, what has left me a bit unhinged since the Mars experience was the totally twisted and disturbingly funny interaction with “Princess” (a.k.a. “bubbles” from 2009) For my first tour of Mars “Princess” was looking for someone to play Radio Repair Man…coming back through this room a second time in the same evening has definitely left me a bit warped.


An outstanding attraction! Completely redone this year. If you've enjoyed Mars in the past you certainly won't be disappointed this year. If you haven't, the new sets and techno-scares that have been added this year are definitely worth checking out. Traditionally Mars Haunted House has my vote for the best haunt in Milwaukee….and this year's edition has made a strong case to remain on top!

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