Please note: this review is for the 2010 season rather than the current season.

Haunted Forest and Cornfield at Meadowbrook Pumpkin Farm

by earthangel129 (Newbie Review Crew Member) after attending on Saturday, October 2, 2010 at about 3:30 p.m.

Fun Factor: Very High Fear Factor: Very High


We arrived, the parking was ample. We got our wristbands and headed to the campfire, where a gentleman was telling ghost stories. Our wait was fairly quick about 10 minutes or so, however, I advise you; generally your wait will be longer especially the closer to Halloween it is. Once we got to the line we were let right in as our own two person group which is nice because you have the feeling that you are alone out there, and the only thing that brings you back to the reality of that others are in the haunt as well, are the many screams you hear all around you.

Once in the corn field, you are instantly brought into another world where fear is fun and screams are equivalent to happiness. The actors are good, the effects are better, and the animatronics are out of this world! I can't tell you the exact number of different scenes but they are abundant so you are never walking for two long without serious entertainment. It took my guest and me about an hour to finish the haunt and it was a fully packed hour with creepy feelings, jumps aplenty, and scares that would knock your socks off, if that was actually possible. This is a great haunt and recommend anyone over the age of 16 to go now.

Signage / Visibility / Location

The directions provided on the site are very good, I never have  trouble finding the gas station they refer to in their directions. Also there is one large sign on the road leading to the turn off by the gas station, and once you turn  the large sign in front and the visible bonfire and multitude of pumpkins says this is the place!

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

Once you buy your wristbands, you are instructed to join the rest of the waiting guests at the large bonfire. When at the bonfire you can warm up and listen to some ghost stories. They also have an LED sign that states the numbers they are allowing to go in. Also there are tons of pumpkins, a store, animals that are adorable, and refreshments including pizza.

Actors' Performance

The actors out in the field were excellently creepy. I especially liked the butcher in the butcher shop. Good frights are occurring nearly all the time and that is proved by all the screams you hear ahead of you and behind you.

Sets Scenes / Props / FX

At Meadowbrook, when it comes to sets and props they truly one of the haunts people compare other haunts to because of their massive scale scenes and their one of a kind hand built pirate ship as well as the greatest animatronics I have seen.


This is another one of the reasons Meadowbrook is in an elite class of haunts. Total time in the haunted corn field is about 45 to 60 minutes. Just when you think you are nearing the end, you realize you are only half way through. It is one of the longest, if not the longest, haunt I have ever been to.

Crowd Control

Crowd control is very good. Their wristband system works well and they also have roped off lines once your numbers are called. There a plenty of people to ask questions if needed, and security is present.

Most Memorable Moment

My favorite fright this year was an animatronic octopus that came to life and walked back and forward towards me. This thing was huge and it freaked me out.


Overall, I treasure my time at Meadowbrook every year and look forward to it every year. It is one of the longest and impressive haunts in Wisconsin. Get up and go now or if it is not open check out their website and then go when they open.

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