Please note: this review is for the 2010 season rather than the current season.

Hubertus House of Horror

by thatdudeman after attending on Friday, October 1, 2010 at about 5 p.m.

Fun Factor: Very High Fear Factor: N/A


Directions: Very easy to find.

Waiting Area: Its in a heated area inside part of a school. There is food to buy if your into that sort of thing. When we got there there was almost no line so we waitied an amazing 5 mins. We had to 2 people in our group so we were thrown with a group of 4 people that we did now know.
The Good News
The haunt: It took us about 15-20 mins to go through the haunt. The whole begining part i thought was actually the best part in the whole haunt. The bus/police thing was a slick idea. There was a solid 8 mins if not more of 3-D. Which was actually pretty cool. Some of there electronics where really cool.The building itself its is in is awasome. I have been through a lot of vortexs in my time but boy did theres make you almost fall over. Most of them i can just walk through without using the bars at all. This one i almost fell over.Some of the actors that they had to do "funny" things did it really well. Who you gonna call??
The not so good news
Ok i will start out with the actors. The actors that they had to "scare" you did not do so well. There was quite a few actors that broke character. Some areas i thought had too many actors and they kind of used the same scare format for a lot of the rooms. What i mean by same scare format is you would walk into a room and there would be an actor waiting for you. They would have you either sit or stand in a specific area. They would tell some story and then actors would pop out. So it became very predictable. I will say that i think there electronics are way ahead of the actors. For a place that is called the hubertus house of horror i expected to get scared really badly and i go with very open minded.The girls got scared pretty good a few times.I think i would be as disapointed if it was not called "of horror" i think they should call it hubertus house of amuesment.I was watching the other guys in in the group that i did not know and they did not seem very scared either.
Top performers
The guy on the busy was awasome. He was in a jail outfit and so i asked him what he did to go to jail. He smiled creepishly and said rape. It was kind of funny and eerie at the same time. The ghostbuster guy with the hat was fricken funny. By no means at all was the area scary but it was funny i just wanted to stay and talk to that guy.
I must give them cudos on detail. I just wanted to stay in each room and look at all the stuff. Tho they did overkill a bit on the use of spiderwebs and paint splotches i still think the place was very detailed. Each set told there story not only through actors but just from the stuff in it.
I saw a few soda cans and bags of chips laying around. It kinda kills the mood.


Overall it was fun, i cant deny that!!! What they did not have in scary they made up with amuesment, high detailed rooms, and cool gadgets and gizmos. I understand they they run off of voulenteers but they need some "scary" actors that do not just pop out and say rawr. I admit i had fun, i came out laughing but was a bit disapointed that it was not scary. So i would consider this hautna double edged sword. On one side its cool, fun, detailed. On the other side, not so good actors and no scene that i would define as scary and or gross/nasty.
Would i come back??
I could see myself coming back every other year. So i will still be looking for a places that "scares" me. This haunt has just about everything but the great actors and reall scary stuff in it. Once they figure that out it will be one of the best haunts out there. 12 bucks i thought was a good price. but please make it more scary!!!

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