Please note: this review is for the 2009 season rather than the current season.

Burial Chamber Haunted House Complex

by earthangel129 (Newbie Review Crew Member) after attending on Friday, October 23, 2009 at about 3 p.m.

Fun Factor: Very High Fear Factor: Very High


Burial Chamber has to be one of my absolute favorite haunts.  Upon arriving they did not disappoint.  It may have been pouring rain outside but inside it was raining screams.  When I arrived I was informed that due to the substantial amount of rain that has been going on this month the Phobia-haunted forest attraction was closed.  I was a little disappointed but once inside the haunts, all my disappointment was gone. In honor of the fact that I know this attraction is well worth seeing, because I have faced my fears and gone through Phobia before, I will let you know, that if you can enter this area, definately go for it.  Walking through what is almost a completely pitch black forest, with creepy sounds and ghouls who jump at you and chase after you is totally frightful.  I am not sure how it is exactly set up this year but it never disappoints so I hope you all have the opportunity to attend.   I first went through Adrenaline.  While waiting to get inside I watched the horror movie clips they were showing on one of their two outside big screens.  Then it was time to go inside.  As we entered the Adrenaline, I was pleased to see that the theme, as always, was changed.  This year it was themed around battlefields, tons of heavy artilery going off, and really creepy soldiers and other creeps.  This haunt had it all.  The props were great, the haunt was almost an entire hour long, and every moment was terrifying.  However, the greatest part of the haunt was the actors.  Due to the fact that one haunt was down, there were actors everywhere in both of the haunts.  They were coming at you from below, above, behind, and popping out right in front of you, without you even noticing.  My absolute favorite part were the actors that were literally hanging from the walls and stretched across the hallway blocking the way.  You had to crawl under them to get through, it was one of the most original things I have seen in a haunt in a long time.  I was amazed at the dedication that I see every year in this haunt.  It truly is a one of a kind experience.    We then made it out full of Adenaline and headed to the next haunt, appropriately named. . .Insanity!  This haunt is just as intriguing and as beautifully executed as Adrenaline.  There are crazies everywhere!  They are pole dancing, crying, and laughing uncontrolably.  These actors were also completely committed and worked their rooms wonderfully.  The props were great.  I loved when it felt like blood was being sprayed all over you.  This haunt was also extremely long, probably lasting about 40 minutes to walk through.  I loved every minute I spent at The Burial Chamber and will continue to return each year.  Remeber you only have one weekend left-you must attend this attraction, if you have not already done so-get up, stop reading, and head to the most amazing haunt in Wisconsin!

Signage / Visibility / Location

Very easy to find, right off the freeway.  Huge spotlight showing in the sky and once you turn the corner you can see the immense complex.  

Actors' Performance

All I can say is they rock!

Sets Scenes / Props / FX

Horrible and beautiful, a wonderful scene to behold.


Extremely worth the admission price.  You can spend hours there.

Most Memorable Moment

Crawling underneath an actor that was hanging between walls while she was screaming!


I know this review probably seems like I got paid to write it-I promise you I did not.  I just want everyone to know that if you go to one haunt this year it has to be The Burial Chamber Complex!

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