Please note: this review is for the 2009 season rather than the current season.

Hartford Jaycees Haunted House

by CC2 after attending on Friday, October 23, 2009 at about 4 p.m.

Fun Factor: Very High Fear Factor: High


I attend this event regularly and this year's version was a successful production.

It's appreciated that the producers take care to try to diversify the rooms within the house year to year. I did not sense a lot of repeat from previous years.

This event features one of the better wait areas as they have one seperate theater area where they run scary movies while visitors wait for their ticket number to be called. When I visited, an unedited version of "Saw II" was on screen.

The Jaycee's home also has one of the better appointed concession stands featuring a diverse array of Halloween themed candy options along with packaged cotton candy, hot dogs and popcorn.

There is a significant security presence at the event as well as several police officers.

There are four portable toilets outside of the main waiting area and a tent with benches where the groups are formed for entry into the attraction. If it is windy, it can get quite cool in the tent.

Your journey begins with a walk through a torch lit forest path. When I attended the forest itself was lightly staffed, but that was acceptable considering cold temperatures and rain.

Ordinarily, several staff lurk amongst the shadows waiting to spring on the visitors.

This year's version of the woods now features a small, covered bridge guarded by an actor who will impede your passage.

Next, you negotiate your way through the inside of a large tank, however, at one point you have to crawl, which isn't pleasant when people tromping through a wet woods have preceded you. That would best be elimiated in the future.

You then procede up the stairs to the house where you knock and are let inside the attraction.

The actors inside the Jaycee's House frequently have scripted narratives prior to the initiation of the scares. Actor's performances were strong and costuming and make up were effective, as well.

In addition to the actor's performances, the experience in the house is enhanced with the usage of various pop up, mechanized startles.

One of the annoyances of this year's haunt is a small area with a clown in a box featuring booming horn noises that are too loud for the small area this scare is conducted in.

Otherwise, the event gives a solid performance.


The Jaycees Haunted House is a recommended haunt. Great care is put into this production and it features one of the more elaborately detailed, prop heavy attractions I've seen. It pays to look around in the rooms throughout the house as a lot of attention to detail has been employed here.

Fear factors are moderate to high with a heavy reliance on pop out scares, but this is certainly a worthwhile event to attend and an enjoyable experience.

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