Please note: this review is for the 2009 season rather than the current season.


by CC2 after attending on Saturday, October 24, 2009 at about 3:30 p.m.

Fun Factor: Very High Fear Factor: Very High


I have attended this event for numerous years and the producers of Splatter Haus always deliver a quality scare.

The house is located in a wearhouse in Two Rivers approximately 1.3 miles East of Lake Michigan.

Be sure to follow the directions from the website as there is currently a detour that will interfere with the most direct route to the facility.

There is ample parking on site and numerous portable toilets outside of the waiting area.

Splatter Haus' waiting area is the inside of the wearhouse housing the attraction complete with a consession stand and a booth selling event shirts and momentos, etc.

One of the more interesting aspects of the waiting area is a video game called "The Defecator". For $1, the visitor gets to trigger two real time scares within the house, which you can watch through closed circuit television.

Splatter Haus makes very effective use of explosive sound in its production as from start to finish, including your wait, you will be bathed in loud, death metal music. This aspect helps to enhance the suspense of the journey through the house, as well. Intense.

In addition, when the various scares are triggered, amplified sounds and roars will attack the visitor, as well.

This event also makes solid use of lighting to accentuate its scares. When entering a scare zone, the lights will typically go dark immediately prior to when the action will begin.

The home is negotiated via a continuous walk through numerous, large rooms.

Ticket numbers are called in groups of 25 and then smaller groups of approximately 8 are formed for entry into the house.

The house uses relatively few actors compared to other haunts in the state, but the actors they do employ give very invested performances.

Splatter Haus is prop heavy with elaborate sets and lighting effects.

In this year's production, you will meet Pin Head from the Hell Raiser series and he has grown significantly since those movies.

You will also walk through a nursery and meet the upset mother of numerous deformed babies.

You will walk through a graveyard with an angry keeper and encounter a pig headed butcher with a power tool.

There is also an armed skeleton lying in wait for you.

Splatter Haus features several lazor effects and a long hallway with a very ominous dead end wall.

It takes about 20 minutes to complete this house and the startles don't necessarily end when you exit.

This is a high quality production.


Splatter Haus has a well earned reputation as one of the top scares in the state and they deliver again this year.

The organizers of this project create a quality event with a concentration on generating fear using various sensory methods to achieve this.

In terms of startle factors, Splatter Haus sets a high bar.

It is one of the premiere haunts in the state and is not to be missed if you are willing to make the drive.

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