Please note: this review is for the 2009 season rather than the current season.

The Haunted Barn Stoughton (CLOSED)

by badgerman06 after attending on Saturday, October 17, 2009 at about 5 p.m.

Fun Factor: High Fear Factor: Medium


My fiance and I went to the Haunted Barn last Saturday night. It was really easy to find, and it is by far the best haunted house I've seen in the Madison area. We got there just before 10pm and had to wait about an hour to actually get in, which the ticket clerk told us was a much longer line than they were used to. Obviously they're getting the word out. It was really cold, and it looked like their hot chocolate and coffee sales were doing well. They also had a few actors warming up the crowd. Beetlejuice was especially good, sounded just like Michael Keaton. Once we got in, a kindly witch explained the rules to us, and she also mentioned that a lot of the actors had either taken breaks because of the cold or gone home. I would have to say that that trend held true through the entire tour. There were some creepy little kids taunting "You're not gonna make it", and of course prominent appearances by slasher favorites Jason, Michael Myers, and Leatherface. Beetlejuice also made his way inside, and this guy knows his stuff. Make some obscure reference to the movie and he'll probably get it. The rooms were laid out in a way that allowed the same actors to come around and get you again just after you thought you got away. The new building "Bloodshed" was not very impressive at all, except that they made good use of pounding on the walls and this was where we met Michael Myers. Props and decorating were good, especially the plastic hose maze section. There was not enough use of sound. Most of the actors did not even talk or scream. After going through both buildings, you follow a trail into the woods, which could have been truly terrifying, but was decidedly not. They did selectively place a few bright lights to keep you from ever really developing proper night vision, but there were a total of 3 actors in the woods. 3! I must say though that the woods did contain the biggest real scare moment of the tour. Be a good sport and check in the cabin. From there, just follow the trail back to the farm, completely unbothered. They tried to keep groups small and pace them well, although we managed to catch up to the group in front of us. Overall, a pretty good value for only $8, but they need more actors and need to make better use of sound and complete darkness.


Best haunted house so far in the Madison area. Good value at $8, easy to find. Need more actors, especially in the woods. Pretty fun, not so scary.

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