Please note: this review is for the 2009 season rather than the current season.

Hartford Jaycees Haunted House

by katie_kiesow13 after attending on Saturday, October 10, 2009 at about 6:30 p.m.

Fun Factor: Low Fear Factor: Low


I have gone to this haunt for the last few years and this was the first time I was truly disappointed. The best part of the haunt, honestly, is the walk through the forest on your way INTO the house... it's before anything really even starts.

The location of this haunt is perfect - creepy forest in the middle of nowhere, low lighting, old house. It's great. I just wish that the theme (or lack-there-of in this case) of the haunt and actors could have kept up with the great set-up. I was turned off immediately when one actor was on a smoke break right on the steps into the house. If this was actually planned by the house, to have an actor outside trying to scare people - bad idea.

Most of the scares from this haunt come from animatronic props rather than real actors. And the real actors they do have rely on jumping out and hoping to scare you rather than actually interacting with you. Some of the other actors I encountered had a hard time staying in character - I'll let one slide since the reason he broke character was because I kept inadvertantly grabbing him in the pitch black thinking it was just a wall with fabric and I was trying to find my way out of the room.

Another thing that I seriously disliked was the use of mechanized doors to let you out of the room. I understand the need - it is used to keep you in the room as long as possible for maximum scaring ability... however, there was little scare and I was just getting irritated that I kept having to wait to get let out. Along the same lines, with most of the house in serious darkness, I kept running in to things and couldn't ever find my way out the proper way. Too many heavy doors that opened the wrong way and too few open doorways.

Lastly, I understand completely that haunted houses are all about loud music, loud noises, and all around loudness to disorient. But WOW! This house was loud. The sound effects in most of the house had my boyfriend and I putting our hands over our ears because it hurt so badly! Ouchie!


I was disappointed this year, unfortunately. For those of you out there who can scare quite easily with animatronic monsters coming at you, then by all means, go enjoy this haunt. For those of us who require a more psychologically advanced thriller, I'd pass this one by this year.

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