Please note: this review is for the 2008 season rather than the current season.


by Ashley1978 after attending on Saturday, October 11, 2008 at about 3:30 p.m.

Fun Factor: Very High Fear Factor: Very High


Oh my bahjeeeezus! Splatter Haus has officially become my personal "scariest ever" haunt!

They moved the haunt this year and the new location is super easy to find even for the most directionally challenged (such as yours truly). While signs enroute wouldnt hurt it didnt matter that there werent any as the directions are very simple. You definitely know you're there when you see the very well lit, very well staffed parking lot with tons of free parking.

Upon entering I thought it was pretty cool that the only line you have to stand in is the very short & fast moving ticket line. After you buy your ticket you can go inside or outside, sit down or stand, hang out with your friends, get something to eat or drink, use one of the gazillion port-a-potties, whatever you want to do- you just wait for your number to be called. It was nice not to be forced into long roped off lines for hours. I was lucky to go on a really nice night but if you're cold and want to remain inside they have 6000 sq ft of waiting room and a good variety of refreshments and music playing.

I cant say enough things about the staff inside and outside of the haunt! All the staff are amazing! They're efficient, super friendly, outgoing, and helpful. These were people who seemed to really love what they do and it showed, no matter if they were in the parking lot, refreshment stand, ticket sales, line organizers...all of them were awesome.

The scares were full on and intense! The FX, the make-up, the timing were all magnificent...the best I've ever seen by far. The Actors? AMAZING does not begin to describe them. I've never seen a better bunch. I've never seen more enthusiam and dedication at a was refreshing! These actors REALLY seemed love what they were doing and REALLY worked their patooties off to scare the ever-lovin' pants off everyone! I was truly in awe of the originality, the hardwork, and the fact that *I* a self-professed horror buff was scared outta my ever-lovin' mind! I recall on more than one occasion my "fight or flight" kicking in, my heart beating so fast & loud I could hear it in my ears, and me walking that very thin line between fear and all out panic...but I loved every minute of it. There was a great mix of gore, in-your-face scares, sounds, and darkness, there was never too much of one so there's definitely something for everyone. The entire walk-thru lasted about 25-30 mins, and you never once bumped in to the people ahead of or behind you. The REALLY cool thing was that with the sounds, music, and the entire setup you couldnt HEAR when a "scare" was coming either which I REALLY liked because usually you always hear people screaming & yelling so you kinda know when to expect something. You were definitely kept on your toes which is the way it should be!


All in all I cannot get over how awesome Splatter Haus was! I cant think of one single thing that was disappointing or could be done differently. This was honestly the BEST haunt I have ever been to and after years of going to haunted houses and usually being let down or just having an "ok" experience I am so happy that I finally found "the one".

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