Please note: this review is for the 2006 season rather than the current season.

Salem's Plot

by Jpdoughgrl after attending on Friday, October 13, 2006 at about 3:15 p.m.

Fun Factor: Medium Fear Factor: Low


Signage / Visibility / Location

Upon arriving to the event, there was a big lighted sign pointing the way into the parking lot. Other than the sign, I couldn't see any other lights, decorations, or signs that made the farm visible from the road. However, since the haunt is located out in the country, the big lighted sign should be visible enough, in the dark at least. The location of the event helped the atmosphere of the event. They even had what appeared to be an old unused farm house sitting along the way to Salem's Plot.

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

The wait area for the haunted house attraction was outside of a barn-type building. The outside was dark and, if there was a line, I suppose you could take a relaxing break on one of the coffins around the haunt's entrance. The line was next to nothing, only a couple minutes wait. There was one ghoul waiting outside with the ticket takers, but she did not appear to want to scare anyone. One neat thing: To get to the haunted house, you had to wander through this little decorated, lighted forest-type area. My fiance and I followed a group of seven to the house, and everyone was completely lost as to how to actually get to the haunted house. However, once we started wandering in through the lighted woods part, there were ghosts who told us the way.

Most Unique

The most unique part of the house, or perhaps it was the part that mostly scared me, didn't even involve actors. My group turned one of many dark corners and we were greeted by the loud honking and bright lights of a Jeep charging right toward us. Also, some of the room setups were different, like a doctor's patient's body spurting blood, as well as the prisoner calling out names specifically from our group.

Actors' Performance

The actors performance varied depending on the room and their character. First entering the haunt, you're ushered into a dusty library and a ghoul/guest keeper, in a rather monotone voice, tells the history of Salem's Plot and encourages the group to look at one of the Plots remaining pieces. Our group then met our tour leader, another ghoul, who took us to each of the rooms and narrated each for us, telling us more of Salem's Plots history and beings left behind. Our tour leader knew her lines, although she didn't seem too excited about performing. She brought us from room to room in a rather fast pace, and it was difficult to hear her in parts of rooms, despite only being part of a group of four. The actors in the rooms, however, did a great job of staying in character and were able to surprise us. One really memorable performance was of the young prisoner calling to us for help, actually using one of our names, and because we didn't help him, we saw him meet his fate in the believable electric chair.

Appropriate For



While you can tour the Plot in a large group, I wouldn't recommend it because even in our group of four, it was difficult to see the entire room as our tour leader talked about it. There really was no time to stop and peer in each room after she finished talking. Also, perhaps because of the fast pace from room to room, the haunt was really short. I felt that took away part of the scary element and thrill of each room.

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