Please note: this review is for the 2005 season rather than the current season.

by scaredtall after attending on Saturday, October 29, 2005 at about 1:30 p.m.

Fun Factor: Medium Fear Factor: Medium


Signage / Visibility / Location

Directions printed out from Haunted WI was accurate and good. Signage was on Hwy41, on J and on road into place. This place was off the main road.

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

We came at 6:30 when the event was scheduled to start per Haunted WI. We came before many of the ghouls showed up! Terror people had said that the radio advertising was saying start was at 7pm. They had started at 6pm the week before but that was too early (light). So they decided to start at 7pm this week. No updating at Haunted WI on this nor other places I saw. But it was a very nice errie night out and the weather was not cold. There was a bonfire area so we waited there. While waiting we saw ghouls but they were walking to there stations. Some did try to scare us and another small group that were waiting. The actual time of our departure into the haunted woods was 7:25pm. 25 minutes after the 'scheduled' start time. At that time there were 25 other people around the bonfire. I was dissappointed in the wait but had found many haunted houses that did not start on time.

Most Unique

No guide with you. Very dark.

Actors' Performance

From the start I thought this was going to be a great haunted trail. They gave you an orange lighted flashlight to light your way. You went in as a group with no guide. And it was DARK. No trail lights. There were many stations in the beginning with haunting actors sneaking up on you and making noise. It was frieghtfull. Then came the lull. Many lulls. Which would have been ok, but they were too many and too long between frights. There was an area that was so big that we followed the 'caution tape' to the right and then found after-ward we should have followed the left side caution tape. The ghouls were over there. Another good station a ghoul ran around in the leaves. That was fun and scary. He did a great job! So was the 'car' event! Great going to those actors!

Appropriate For

older teens, adults


They could have made the trail alittle more 'safe' for walking. Trips on branches and holes were made throughout the trail. A few 'lights' in those areas would have helped. This is the only outdoor haunt that we have tripped so much on. Beer!!!! Saw many actors drinking beer before the start. One was carrying a case around where ever she went. Yes it was in the beginning of the event, but there were customers around. Not a good sight. Also you heard very little screaming from groups after you. You heard them in the beginning area, but not much after that.
Would we go again. No. An hour to get there, mostly walking in the woods. Could have used more actors, or placed others more strategically around. Actors did a good job by those who actually tried to scared us. Some missed us and some props didn't work. Also, was only about a 15/20 minute casual walk (generous)and not the 45 minute terrifying walk.

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