Please note: this review is for the 2003 season rather than the current season.


by redhickey after attending on Saturday, October 11, 2003 at about 3:45 p.m.

Fun Factor: Low Fear Factor: Low


Signage / Visibility / Location

It was kinda hard to tell for sure because of the construction. There should be some sort of sign by where you need to turn.

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

There was none.


Not bad length, I was pleased with that.

Actors' Performance

Not enough actual gouls trying to scare you throughout the performance. Nice use of electronic equipment however.

Appropriate For

middle school and up


Don't wear sandals or anything not covering skin or that may get caught. Both of my ankle's were cut open at the end (on the big slide) and were bleeding. Not the most fun and somewhat painful. (Just a thought) ;)

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