Please note: this review is for the 2003 season rather than the current season.

by Svart after attending on Saturday, October 11, 2003 at about 2:15 p.m.

Fun Factor: High Fear Factor: Medium


Signage / Visibility / Location

If you know where JFK Prep is in ST. Nazianz, it's easy to find. However, on a dark night it's easy to drive past because there is no lit sign indicating where the entrance is. The location is spooky as hell. It's these old, dilapidated buildings that used to be a seminary and have long since been abandoned. It's hard to convey in text, but they were very eerie and foreboding by themselves.

Wait Area / Line Entertainment

Nothing too special. About a 10 minute wait. There was a girl that chatted with you when you were at the head of the line. There was music playing also, real metal music. Not an endless loop of Rob Zombie and Powerman5000 - but stuff like Helloween and contemporary death metal. No 107.5 junk here.


About a half an hour...depending if you get lost.

Actors' Performance

I'm not going to give one of those lame reviews like, "OMG ROOFLE IT WAS TEH SUX0R!!11LOLOMG WTF!!!" The scares in this haunt were pretty well timed, even if you saw the group before you. They spent a little time on the scenes, and they did and especially good job with a spinning room that you got locked into near the end. Every haunted house has the cliched "dark maze" in it, but this one is unique in that YOU'LL GET LOST. I'm not meaning that you'll think you're lost because you're seemingly walking forever in the dark. No, you'll get totally *lost.* I'm still trying to determine if this is a good thing or a bad thing, because i was honestly scared at one point that i would not get out of this place. We were in an area that seemed like we were not supposed to be in, a huge expansive room that had half framed up walls that we were having to walk through and bump into, paint chipping off onto your fingernails, and electrical cords hanging all over the place. It felt like we were not supposed to be there, because of the unfinished feel of it, and how there was a lack of flow to it. Most haunted houses have a direct planned route that you follow, even if it's dark, you can tell what the next room is by the colored lights in the scene. But while we were lost in this hallway, there was nothing..big and open and you're running into stuff and it was very freaky. We finally opened up this stuck door and met up with the rest of our group and got back on teh path. I don't know if getting lost was just one possible way of going through the house. As if there's different ways you could take to get through to things. If this was the intention, it definitely worked. It seems like other people also had gotten lost, because there was this sense of irritation to them as we had. Scared, and irritated, because something unpredictable happened. The scares after that were pretty top-notch, also. A huge graveyard scene where people are diggin graves while Jason and Freddy jump out at you. A Hellraiser scene with clanking chains and Pinhead and his Cenobites cornering you. Evil clowns. EVIL CLOWNS! Oh yeah, there's the guy that chases you with the cahinsaw at the end and spits oily smoke all over your clothes, so don't try to meet chicks if you mind them smelling Eau du Husqvarna on you.

Appropriate For

Teens and up


It creeped me out, and i usually giggle at these things. I giggled at the "scares," but when i got lost, i got creeped out.

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